ISPs Told They Can’t Force Netflix, PlayStation Now etc to Pay More

By Brendan Griffiths – 4th April 2014
ISPs Told They Can’t Force Netflix, PlayStation Now etc to Pay More

A recent European Parliament ruling has told Internet Service Providers that they will not be able to charge online companies that have data-intensive natures more. This has been an issue in recent years as broadband speeds have allowed for enormous amount of data to be streamed rather than downloaded.

The best example of course is Netflix, which manages to stream HD movies with download speeds as small as 5Mb. The ruling will also extend to future services on the horizon, like the much anticipated PlayStation Now service, which will stream video games from the PlayStation back catalogue. Let’s face it, streaming The Last of Us is potentially going to need more broadband oomph than an episode of Breaking Bad.

The real winner of the court ruling though is of course the consumer. If the court had ruled that Netflix and the like did have to pay extra charges, you can bet those costs would have been passed onto their customers. with Sony not having told us any of their pricing schemes so far, we’re hoping this keeps them low.

As great as this news is, there’s a stark contrast over in the US where the ISP’s actually won a similar legal battle, meaning Netflix have been forced to stump up some extra cash. Still, doesn’t look like they’re going out of business any time soon.

  • Johan Appelgren

    Instead the ISPs will pass on the costs instead. 😉

    • DarthDiggler


      They have to. Likely they will start doing caps on the connection. At the commercial level we are being offered speeds that if everyone that had them used 100% of the capability 100% of the time it would be far too costly for the ISP. That kind of activity would resemble more of a business account.


    Yeah well whatever happened to the people having a voice in this crap….!?

    Pass a bill that “WHO” voted on?! Amazing that this is able to happen especially in the US where the internet speeds are already limping by and getting lapped ten times over by even second world countries!

    Simply disgusting the prices we have to pay for obvious sub-par performing internet.

    • Greg Smith

      I hear you bro. When a place like south korea has the best, cheapest and fastest internet in the world, there’s a problem. Our quality of life here means we get raped by everything.


        That’s just it brotha…… We can have this….. but look out for that….

        I mean there is really no end in sight when you truly look at it and that is the most horrible aspect of it all.

  • JimmyNice

    recommended speed for PS Now is the same as Netflix HD… 5MB. You are not steaming the data of the game… you are streaming video of the game down with very small data packets back to the server the game is on with your controller imput. Whether it’s Pac-man or the Last of Us, if the resolution on the screen is the same.. the speed is the same.. that’s why it works differently and so much better than other attempted streaming gaming services.

  • atomicjuicer

    Can’t believe Americans ended net neutrality in their country. Sorry, but that’s dumb.