Will a Diablo 3 Expansion Bring Players Back to Hell?

By Jonathan Howard – 7th February 2014
Will a Diablo 3 Expansion Bring Players Back to Hell?

Diablo 3 was one of the anticipated games in recent memory. Unfortunately, many gamers found themselves disappointed in the direction Blizzard chose to take. Regardless, Diablo 3 managed to pull in a rather large following that wait anxiously for the next expansion: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Scheduled for an early 2014 release, Reaper of Souls has put out a badass trailer and more and more information as we draw closer to release. However, the question remains, will the expansion be enough to draw back those who left? I’ve scoured the internet searching for the top quarrels gamers had with the original Diablo 3. Perhaps we can determine whether or not this Diablo 3 expansion has what it takes to bring gamers back to Hell.

Diablo 3 expansion

Well… This is awesome.

Greed, everywhere you look you have to pay to win, much more than in D2 LOD

One of the main concerns of Diablo 3 players was the real-money auction house. Upon its release, the gaming community let out a collective sigh due to the fact that pay-to-win became a legitimate way to play the game. While some players used this to their entrepreneurial gain, for the most part, players agreed that the best way to get good items is to actually play the game. Luckily, this Diablo 3 expansion makes its way to a real-money-auction-house-free experience. Blizzard has announced that they will be removing it from the game, so at least there’s that.

Skills and character customization are boring…

The Reaper of Souls reportedly doesn’t change a great deal when it comes to character build and customization.  One of the biggest complaints for many D3 players was the fact that primary stats were simply too important for each class and that customization was severely limited due to the fact that they were rarely situational; one was the best for all. However, this Diablo 3 expansion is making changes to the looting and end-game options. Perhaps there will be new strategies that allows players to think outside the box, but that remains to be seen.

D3 has no end-game

Gamers have often found themselves disappointed once reaching the level cap, and while they can now work on their paragon level, most argue this doesn’t change the fact that loot farming is pointless due to the poor loot design and real-money AH. The real-money AH will be gone, so that will no longer be an issue, but Blizzard has also taken steps in creating new endgame features. For example, there is an adventure mode that will introduce strategic elements and farming, as well as “bounties” that seemingly act like common quests. (Kill X amount of said creature.) Whether this will entice those who left to come back will be the question, but it certainly won’t hurt.

when I do get that feeling to play, I am quickly reminded how bad this games drops suck and I exit instead of playing.

Who else has had an issue with Diablo 3 drops? This has been a well-documented experience for many players. They play at high levels for hours on end and have nothing to show for it. More often than not, gamers find their bags full of garbage. Luckily a Diablo 3 expansion might be the answer. Blizzard has announced “loot 2.0” in The Reaper of Souls which basically promises users will find less, but more applicable, loot. This is likely a feature many D3 players will welcome.

My prediction is that many gamers find their way back into D3, if only for a little while. Even those who hated the game stayed long enough to complete the main story. Whether or not the Reaper of Souls has what it takes to convince players to stick around and suffer the heat, we’ll just have to see how that plays out.