League of Legends is down, Undergoing Heavy DDOS Attack

By David R – 14th February 2014
League of Legends is down, Undergoing Heavy DDOS Attack

*Update* – 02/14/2014 11:42 PM EST

A second DDOS attack has been launched against League of Legends, less than 24 hours after Riot stopped the initial assault. It is believed that the attack stems from the same organization/individual that launched last night’s attack, with their agenda still being unclear. How much longer will League continue to be kept down before a permanent fix can be implemented? If nothing else, these series of attacks should force Riot to put in place a more adept security system than the one currently residing in Summoner’s Rift. More on this as we get it.

*Original Post*

In an attack that could be the biggest of its kind against League of Legends since its inception, a group of hackers has brought down the popular popular MOBA game.

Following an announcement that Hexakill – a new game mode allowing for 6v6 combat is coming to Riot’s mega-popular game , the client has been experiencing heavy lag issues and is down for some players due to an apparent DDOS attack.

The identify of those involved seems to be a group calling themselves DerpTroollingwho have claimed responsibility for the powerful attack via Twitter:

And, after 12 hours of continuous attack:

and finally…

Of course, this is not the first time League of Legends has been targeted with a DDOS attack, as a game of this magnitude faces a whole army of would-be hackers, attempting to break its security system in order to prove a point/make a hefty sum a money on a daily basis.

However, this could be the most successful attempt on the MOBA’s online status since League of Legends became a household name, as several players throughout the world find themselves unable to log into their account, with those that are able experiencing severe lag.

The motive of DerpTroolling, if they are, in-fact the ones behind this attack seems unclear, with many claiming they’re DOTA 2 players, vying for power in a MOBA war that has been brewing over several months, however, we cannot confirm that at this time.

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