Drastic Changes on the Way for League of Legends – 5v5 Just Became 6v6

By David R – 14th February 2014
Drastic Changes on the Way for League of Legends – 5v5 Just Became 6v6

In what could possibly be the biggest announcement since the inception of 5v5 combat for League of Legends, Riot Gaming has announced that on February 20th a new mode is coming – Hexakill.

For those of you unfamiliar with Greek prefixes, Hex means 6… 6! Meaning the unthinkable is about to occur. League of Legends is going to allow 6v6 combat. The creative avenues this move instills are immense.

With possibilities ranging from duo-mid, duo-junglers, three bot late, and roaming support, the meta-game as we know it has been tossed out the window. This should allow for a more chess-worthy, strategic game that has since-became stale, with everyone following a, ‘correct’ meta that destroys team originality and creativity.

And that’s not even considering how amazing a 6v6 team fight will be, with two potential AD or AP carries, mayhem is sure to ensue. Also is the temptation of going down in the record books, with the first person able to post a Youtube video of themselves scoring a Hexakill, killing all 6 members of a team in a row being entombed in League History forever as the player who first did what was previously impossible.

Yes, League of Legends is changing, at last. But one question remains, are players going to prefer this new mode over the old-established 5s? Or will tradition dictate the road this patch is destined to take, with players being too afraid to go away from the style of play they’ve grown so accustomed to in the previous years? If ARAM games have shown us anything, it’s that League players aren’t afraid of change. In-fact, they welcome it.