Gamer Headlines Team

Teo BorconiTeo Borconi
I'm an editor and reporter for The Gamer Headlines. I've been in touch with the gaming industry since I was but a toddler, playing Volfied on my first 2/86, back in the early 90's. Since then, my passion for gaming has been stirring inside. I've worked as a game tester on projects such as Gothic 3 and Painkiller, and have been blogging and writing about games for years. My mission, and the mission of The Gamer Headlines team, is to bring fresh news from the gaming industry to users world-wide, in a professional and at the same time fun manner.
Anthony FalcoAnthony Falco
A dreamer who has wanted to work in entertainment journalism his whole life, I value the balance of integrity with objective research. But also, I have no problem giving my subjective opinion when the article calls for it. I have been a gamer since the N64 days, but I have equal love for all three console manufacturers. Furthermore, while I find myself gravitating towards first person shooters, I tend to give any game a fair shot. And to those who want to properly debate about the latest in video games, I have no problem indulging.
Rory AppletonRory Appleton
I am an avid gamer and fan of the sports and shooter genres. I write and edit for a couple different places, but I specialize in video game journalism. I dedicate myself to quick and accurate news reporting for Gamer Headlines.
Jordan SchillingJordan Schilling
PC and Console gaming enthusiast based out of Texas, USA. I'm a Fighter, RTS, Plaftorming and FPS aficionado who loves to share the wonders of the gaming industry with others. When I'm not writing, I can generally be found in the depths of Steam or Xbox Live.
Kieran MackintoshKieran Mackintosh
A serious, yet laid-back person and gamer for the longest time, Kieran is a sucker for anything sci-fi, but has a particular soft spot for RTSs, City Builders and any game that allows him to fly around. He doesn’t care much for graphical fidelity, and tends to value story, animation and character development above all. He also likes to discuss anything gaming with others when given the chance.
Patrick ToworfePatrick Toworfe
Always on the lookout for big gaming news and ready to share a fair opinion on the state of the gaming industry. When I'm not writing gaming news, I'm probably watching videos or making videos. Dedicated gamer, member of the Fighting Game Community and sometimes a hobby photographer.
Alex LemcovichAlex Lemcovich
Alex 'Alaric' Lemcovich is a freelance writer, broadcaster and critic who has managed to get himself published on a number of sites in spite of his foul language. His specialties are analysis, interviewing and rambling.
Jenna CantrellJenna Cantrell
I'm your average female gamer, and I have been from the moment that I could hold a traditional Game Boy in my small hands. That big ol' brick from '89, yeah-- that one. I also enjoyed JRPGs so much that I basically dedicated four years of college experience to learning the culture and language of Japan. But sitting in front of a screen translating all day just wasn't cutting it for me. In time, it felt logical to combine those two passions: video games and journalism. I love to write and dedicate myself to bringing viewers precise, relevant gaming news!