Gamer Headlines Team

Teo BorconiTeo Borconi

I'm an editor and reporter for The Gamer Headlines. I've been in touch with the gaming industry since I was but a toddler, playing Volfied on my first 2/86, back in the early 90's. Since then, my passion for gaming has been stirring inside. I've worked as a game tester on projects such as Gothic 3 and Painkiller, and have been blogging and writing about games for years. My mission, and the mission of The Gamer Headlines team, is to bring fresh news from the gaming industry to users world-wide, in a professional and at the same time fun manner.

Brendan GriffithsBrendan Griffiths

Owner of gaming website, No Sleep Gamer. Journalism Graduate. I’ve been gaming since the Commodore 64 in the 80s, but I really fell in love with it thanks to the Sega Mega-Drive and Sonic. Nowadays, I’m all over anything PlayStation old or new. I arrived late to the Xbox 360 party but am enjoying catching up with some exclusive classics. Other formats I use include a Wii, PSP, Nexus 7 and a PS Vita.

Kieran MackintoshKieran Mackintosh

Preferring to be referred to as "KingSongbird", Kieran is a serious, yet laid-back person with a particular soft spot for RTS games and anything Sci-Fi.

Patrick ToworfePatrick Toworfe

Dedicated gamer, member of the Fighting Game Community and sometimes a hobby photographer. Follow me @JusticeSoulTuna

Adam WillisAdam Willis

Technology and gadget fanatic. Gaming since the early 90s when I got my first console a SNES. I'm the worlds biggest fan of the Halo series. I mostly cover Gamer Headlines Tech news.

Kieran WadeKieran Wade

Kieran is a passionate gamer who's constantly interested in industry goings-on. He grew up playing Amstrad and the Sega Mega Drive, eventually moving onto the likes of PlayStation and Nintendo 64. He has since played practically every system under the sun - a retro gaming enthusiast as well as current gen. Follow him @KieranLewisWade.

Amario AndreAmario Andre

Amario is a 19 Year Old Video-Game Journalist, who also designs art illustrations and video-games in his spare time. He loves comics and enjoys a good discussion on upcoming new titles.

Harlee GreyHarlee Grey

Video games journalist and Assassin's Creed fanatic. Follow me on Twitter at @Harlee_Grey or [email protected] to contact me directly by email.

Brandon BlicharzBrandon Blicharz

A PC and Console gamer for the longest time, coming directly out of Chicago, Illinois. When I'm not writing about the latest piece of news or rumor, I'm probably enjoying a friendly game of shooting your opponents in the face and being told about the sexual deviant that my mother apparently is by the many 12 year olds who somehow know her. Contact me at [email protected] and feel free to follow me over on twitter @Cousin_Vinnie99

CJ PedlowCJ Pedlow

CJ is a student currently studying Art & Design in the UK. He has always had an avid interest in both Technology and Video Games and often covers both the Tech and PC sections of Gamer Headlines.

Samual SalesSamual Sales

Your typical cynical and narcissistic Brit with a thing for Nintendo and PC gaming, though he's been known to cheat on other platforms too. Known for grabbing opinions from the best upcoming developers, and offering his own cynical ramblings from time to time. Whatever you do, don’t feed him after midnight.

Jalane FarringtonJalane Farrington

Has graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2014. This author believes that playing games is an open window that diverse cultures, sophisticated characters, and hidden motifs share in one package while being enjoyable. To contact this writer, follow her at @Jalane001 or email at [email protected].

Sarah RyanSarah Ryan

Gaming culture and industry critic. A little sharp tongued, and a little short on patience. Follow me on Twitter at @Auseil, or [email protected] to contact me directly.

Kurt WendlerKurt Wendler

Hello, my name is Kurt Wendler and I've achieved a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Redlands. As an avid gamer, it's my main passion to write about video game related news and be on top of the latest technology. I hope to bring the news quickly, efficiently, and also with a little bit of flare. If you'd like to contact me, follow me on twitter at @KurtDoubleU.

Christopher GrouxChristopher Groux

I'm a Massachusetts gamer that loves the classics and specializes in Sony coverage. I never get tired of a good old point and click adventure, and have strong opinions on just about any topic you can think of. I live and breathe this industry, and I hope my work invites you to do the same. Feel free to contact me in any way you please!

Chris CortesChris Cortes

Chris once declared himself "The Sausage King of Chicago", but that's just not true. What is actually true is that he is a gamer, and a gamer he will be until his last slice of pizza. Aside from making horrible metaphors, he enjoys putting words together to form a story that others can enjoy and learn from. He also loves his wife and donuts.

Adnan RiazAdnan Riaz

Graduate from the University of York and currently working as a freelance journalist, Adnan loves literally anything to do with films, music, television and video games. He’s not shy to express his opinions on all of them either. Make sure you follow him on Twitter (@AdnanRiaz9) to find him rambling on about all of the above.

Maxime ChiassonMaxime Chiasson

Based in Montreal, Canada, Max is a 20 year old Social Worker who has loved video games ever since he was a little kid. He is also Gamer Headlines' Senior Reviews Editor, so if you have any comments/complaints regarding the section of the site, feel free to tweet to him @Max_Chiasson, or e-mail him at [email protected]

Erwin MurilloErwin Murillo

Erwin Murillo is a graduate of Union University. He has a Bachelor's of Science degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Exercise Science and Wellness/Sports Medicine, and is currently enrolled at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Occupational Therapy Program. As buff as he is nerdy, you can find him either throwing around iron in the gym, or working on his latest video game article...sometimes both. Follow him on Twitter @DesertFoxJr or email him at [email protected].

Jay BorensteinJay Borenstein

This author still proudly owns and maintains his NES, and five years after graduating is still wondering what to do with a BA in English. A friend to the cosmic owl and the keeper of one of the keys to your heart, he lives on the Twitter as @Jeowulf and be sure to visit his website Nerd Speaker for more nerdy musings.

Sven BoonenSven Boonen

Sven is a passionate multimedia journalist who loves to present his readers the latest information on their favorite video games, television series, movies and comic books.

Artur AraújoArtur Araújo

I'm a 17 year old freelancer whose been writing for almost two years now, currently in a never-ending quest to find the Shangri-La of Non-Microtransactional games.

Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith

Hey, I'm the Reviews Editor and Facepalm Special writer here at GH. You may know me as GamerGengar, but GG is fine. I love JRPGs, arguing on Twitter, and touching people's hair. Currently recovering from the PTSD acquired by playing Hatoful Boyfriend.