Why You Need To Play Virginia

By Jordan Glaza – 27th September 2016
Why You Need To Play Virginia

I recently completed Variable State’s new “walking simulator” and the game was so much more than that, this was the first game that truly felt like I was playing a movie. Now I’m saying that the graphics are so great it felt like a movie no, what I’m saying is the storytelling of this game matches the pacing and tone of a X-Files or Twin Peaks episode where you feel that something supernatural is happening in the sleepy town of Kingdom, Virginia. The game is only about two hours long and doesn’t drag like maybe a Telltale game or a visual novel, the game continues a very brisk but understandable pace to keep us engaged as we found out more about the mystery surrounding this small town.

Set in 1992, rookie FBI agent Anne Traver investigates the disappearance of Lucas Fairfax, a young boy from the rural town of Kingdom, Virginia. As a rookie agent, you’re paired with an experienced partner, Maria Halperin, who your superiors think can’t be trusted. As the story continues your relationships will be tested as you continue to look for this missing boy in this super natural rural town.

Virginia isn’t going to be for everyone there isn’t much gameplay to be found the most you’ll ever do move your character from point A to B and maybe interact with an object, but if you are willing to go along for the ride this game is so much more than a “walking simulator” and matches the emotional story telling of “Gone Home” in a much different story that should be experienced by every gamer or fan of anything supernatural or someone who wants to experience an interesting journey and story in a game. Plus for only $10 on the PSN you can’t beat it for a short but amazing experience.

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  • It looks very interesting and simple to play. Because I’m new to this gaming world, I think I’ll try.