Rocket League Basketball Mode Coming Soon

By Georgi Trenev – 19th March 2016
Rocket League Basketball Mode Coming Soon

Rocket League is already chock-full of silly, yet ridiculously fun to play with gimmicks. You know, things such as mutators disabling gravity and turning balls into cubes, or maps where both goals are adjoined. Still, that shouldn’t stop Psyonix from doing more crazy stuff, as it looks like the team is currently working on bringing a basketball game mode to life.

Don’t believe me? Here, check out the tweet that revealed it all:

Although that’s all the info we have, simply looking at the released screenshot is enough to deduct that scoring won’t be very different to what you’re normally used to seeing in real basketball. Well, dunking might be kind of hard to achieve, although you never know. I’m already thinking of the changes in terms of map dynamics and flying trajectories though, which probably means that I’m playing Rocket League far too much. Still, there’s some serious potential in becoming rocket-powered Michael Jordan. 

This comes in with Rocket League already having had a hockey mode available to play ever since the beginning of the holiday season, which was often quite silly due to the hilarious puck physics at work. In fact, now I’m really excited about seeing a basketball bounce crazily around an arena filled with flying jet-powered vehicles. A bunch of new unorthodox maps were also released last month, on top of the arrival of yet another cross-company promotion piece for the game in the face of a Batman v Superman car pack.

If not for anything else, you can’t complaint about Psyonix not keeping the experience fresh.