The Gamer Headlines Show Ep. 71: Telltale Games’ Batman Series and PlayStation 4.5 Rumors

By Chris Cortes – 24th March 2016
The Gamer Headlines Show Ep. 71: Telltale Games’ Batman Series and PlayStation 4.5 Rumors

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Hosted by Adnan Riaz and Christopher Cortes, this week’s episode has our hosts discussing the new details released for Telltale Games’ Batman series, the rumors surrounding the release of a PlayStation 4.5, and more.

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Hosts: Adnan Riaz (@AdnanRiaz9) & Chris Cortes (@chrcharcor)

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Are you interested in Telltale Games’ Batman series? What are your thoughts on the rumored PlayStation 4.5? Let us know in the comments!

  • Mr0303

    Wolfenstein the New Order reinvigorated my love for shooters. I’m not a huge MP guy, so I generally avoid FPS games, but the campaign for the New Order was amazing old school fun with some welcomed innovations like dual wielding shotguns. I can also highly recommend its stand alone DLC The Old Blood. It is an 8 hour game for 10$.

    One of the best things about consoles is the uniform hardware. This allows developers to optimise their games. If there is a PS4.5 they’ll have to focus on it or the original system which will be in detriment to the game. Sony will be extremely stupid to launch this anywhere near PSVR. It will undermine their reputation and the trust in their products. I think they got the idea from the New 3DS, which in itself has the same problem. They should just wait until next gen arrives to put in the extra features.

    • Chris Cortes

      100% agree with your thoughts on PS4.5. It really is another New 3DS situation, which I also found annoying.