Tifa’s Tits And Some Other ‘Problematic’ Things

By Stephanie Smith – 6th March 2016
Tifa’s Tits And Some Other ‘Problematic’ Things

“Just stay out of my business”-Tifa Lockhart (Dissidia 012)

You know what I have noticed about Neo-Feminism? It really hates strong independent women. Women like Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII or Cereza of Bayonetta. What is it about these strong, independent, feisty, and beautiful women that cause Neo-Feminists everywhere to go crazy?


I just don’t understand what Neo-feminists hate about Tifa… Oh wait… her body.

Ah, yes, like most women Tifa has breasts. I forgot that it is a sin for even fictional women to be attractive. Tifa is obviously a traitor to womankind, her creators are clearly pandering to the ‘male gaze’ and urm… uh… I’m sorry I was distracted by Vincents leather clad butt…

Why is it that feminists object to attractive video game females like Shalua Rui, Cat woman, Audrey Belrose and more? In fact, any woman who isn’t afraid of their sexuality, like porn star Mercedes Carrera becomes a target of Feminazi hate. It’s like a medieval witch hunt for promiscuous or traditionally attractive women to burn at the stake for the sin of… having some nice T&A? In both the real world and the video gaming one, there is one Neo-feministic virtue that rings clear: If a woman is sexually provocative she is worthless. Similar beliefs have been present throughout history, usually by the people real feminists opposed. Feminists have been up in arms over video game females being able to procreate in Fallout Shelter and Succubi being sexualized in the Witcher, but what is wrong with sex? Patron Saint of Oppressed Souls Anita Sarkeesian once said “everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic” she didn’t mention ‘titsophobic’ though.

Tifa and boobs

So let’s have a real talk lads and ladies, what is it about traditionally attractive women that has feminists so scared?

Sure there are characters both male and female who exist purely for the sake of fanservice. The Dead or Alive Xtreme volleyball game that got banned had many gorgeous bikini-clad babes that were probably shallow as a puddle. However, this isn’t just about fanservice characters. When characters like Samus, Tifa, and Cereza come under fire for being attractive you know there is something more going on. Sure they’re gorgeous, but they’re also kickass and have amazing back stories. Their only ‘fault’ is their rocking bodies. I find it funny that these ‘Women’s Rights Activists’ are overlooking these girls personalities and instead measuring their worth by their cup size (and not the one with Male Tears written on the side). The excuse used for body shaming our favorite Femme Fatales in gaming is that they are made for men, and therefore, are evil. ‘Feminist Research’ into video games often assumes that things that happen in the in-game reality affect a person in the real world. So if I kill an Adamantoise in Final Fantasy XIV, in the real world I will have a prejudice against giant magic wielding tortoises and urge to ride horse sized chickens. Now giant chickens and ice breathing tortoises aside, feminists are concerned that women will be given ‘unrealistic’ (usually Feminist jargon for ‘athletic’) body expectations. Since they don’t seem to be worried about men also falling prey, I can only assume they think women are inferior and too weak in function to distinguish fantasy from reality. I think this would explain the pandemic of women sitting in the street making rows of hard candy and smashing them with a hammer when Candy Crush was released.

Tifa and Body Shaming

Personally, I find the picture on the right more unrealistic for such an athletic girl. – (More body shamed thin video game girls here)

Joking aside for a moment, it really does seem that if a character is skinny or busty or maybe skimpily dressed they are written off. In fact, even before I ditched the term ‘feminist’ I had felt that there was a ‘war’ against skinny women going on. The pop music of the time consisted of ‘Fuck skinny bitches’ and ‘all about that base’ and little ecards with “men go for curves and dogs go for bones” on them. That didn’t bother me really, people like what they like and I’m not going to try and dictate their own sexual attraction to them. However, I became increasingly more aware of the demonisation of skinny people both fictional and none-fictional when I started seeing things like plus-sized princesses and video game characters being labelled ‘realistic’. I mean sure, if you want to turn The Little Mermaid into a The Plus-Sized Sea-Cow for the sake of ‘realism’ go for it, whatever turns you on. I’m not going to argue against the fact that sumo-sizing popular fictional characters will make them more realistic when there is a global obesity crisis. However, I wouldn’t go around calling it healthy. Average does not mean healthy, so all that plus sizing Riku to an ‘average’ size does is highlight the obesity problem.

Tifa Body shaming cosplay feminism

Tifa’s body type is in fact, alive and well as demonstrated by the Aliexpress crew.

Tifa Lockhart, Samus Aran, Lara Croft, all three of them are fit, sexually appealing women who have been ripped to shreds by Neo-Feminists. Noticed how all three of these women are strong, assertive, independent amazing characters. Tifa is one of my favourite female characters in gaming, she kicks ass, but also has a soft mothering side. She plays an integral role in Final Fantasy VII acting as a love interest, a childhood friend, a heroine, a mother and generally the heart of the party. She even wears a ribbon  on her arm to remember Aerith/Aeris despite the fact they were rivals for Cloud’s affections. After her father dies in her arms she doesn’t retreat into a safe space and whine about the patriarchy, she picks up the offending sword and vows to destroy the perpetrator and then trains for years and years with more determination than any ordinary person. As much as Neo-Feminists would like to portray Tifa as a sexual object and damsel in distress the shoe simply doesn’t fit, especially when she’s threatening to smash Don Corneo’s testicles with her bare hands near the very start of the game. She weaponizes her sexuality while remaining a very detailed admirable character.

Tifa Lockhart Don Corneo Feminism Body Shaming

Tifa is an amazing female character. She is independent and strong, but also sentimental and has her own faults. This is what makes her such a brilliant character, she isn’t just wet dream fuel.

Yet, predictably, when the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced there were petitions to shrink Tifa’s breasts. This annoys me, her breasts were not outrageous in Advent Children, in fact, her breasts caught so little of my attention I had to go find a picture of her in Advent Children to see for myself. Yes, she was one of the bustiest characters in gaming, in an age where using two terrifying triangles was how we indicated the presence of breasts, but why is that not allowed? Why do Neo-Feminists seem to find attractiveness threatening to them? Tifa is everything feminists complain is not in gaming, she’s smart, fleshed out, feminine, she talks about things other than guys and bitch slaps other women. You’d expect this would be the sort of female character feminists want to rally behind but that would require recognizing the fact that beautiful people are human too.

Barret Kratos Body Shaming Feminism

I’ve never seen a feminist try to make a male character more ‘realistic’

Believe it or not, there are many busty women out there and their life is hell. It’s not just catcalling, it’s being assumed to be a slut. The assumptions you are stupid, that everything has been handed to you, the idea that you are empty inside and face no struggles. Many people don’t realize that a lot of naturally busty women are taught to hate themselves from a very young age by other women. The petition to reduce Tifa’s cup size is just another slap in the face to busty women, another locker room snide remark about being a slut and just more evidence that society views busty women as abnormal. It’s not as if having big boobs is the result of being bitten by a radioactive misogynist, tits happen. There was no petition to reduce Barret’s muscle mass or make Yuffie taller. Tifa was the only target of this body shaming campaign. Feminists need to realise there is a big difference between taking issue with a female character for being a curvaceous warm hole that exists only to titillate and taking issue with a fearless, courageous role model of a character because she also happens to be sexually appealing.

Bayonetta, sexualisation, feminism

Let’s remember that Bayonetta is intentionally a sexual character. Ironically, female sexuality was demonised by small minded people back in witch hunting times. Promiscuity was associated with devil worship. Females were thought not to be sexual creatures for a very long time to the point that women would have to see their doctors to treat sexual frustration. This is where the dildo as we know it today was used as a tool of “self-medication”. Witches, demons, satan have always been associated with carnal desires. I find it hilarious that these people in their quests for women’s rights are working under the same thought process of people in the 15th century

Sure, Tifa isn’t a real person, and if she was she probably wouldn’t care about the commentary orbiting her bust. Perhaps you think she was designed for men to ogle at, and therefore, you have the right to abuse her. Well, I’ll tell you something, she is a character I look up to. She defies the stereotype that if you are attractive you are stupid, as does Lara Croft. Even the popular movie Mean Girls portrays the pretty girls as dumb bitches. Just look at how Polygon reviewed Bayonnetta 2, citing over-sexualisation as a”Big dent in an otherwise great game”. That’s like when Anita Sarkeesian said that the succubi in the witcher were sexualized. Real women also fall prey to this body shaming, like Renee Somerfield an Australian model for Protein World. Advertisements featuring her were defaced by feminists who then posted pictures of their defacement on social media resulting in their arrest. They accused her of starving herself and other hideous things when in reality she eats healthily and her body is a result of hard work and exercise. Try googling her and see how ridiculed she  is for saying she was being body shamed.

This brings me to my closing point, privilege. The reason people don’t take Renee’s complaint seriously is because they believe she is ‘privileged’ to have a great body. I myself have been called out for having ‘Thin Privilege’ which I assume entails the ability to put down a fork. The abused concept of privilege assumes that people with particular traits all have the same experiences and thus see things in skewed ways. That if you are a man everyone has flung themselves at your feet, that if you are LGBT everyone has hated you etc. It’s easier to hate someone if you can go ahead an assume their life is perfect. It’s kinda like fascism in that Neo-Feminism doesn’t really regard the individual as much as it does the whole. That is why terms such as ‘reverse-racism’ have been created because they do not want to acknowledge that discriminating against someone for the colour of their skin is still racism even if that person is white. Just as discriminating against someone for their body type is still body shaming even if they are attractive.

Boobs and Feminism.

I somehow doubt men are the ones so against busty women.

Neo-feminism is like a burqa for attractive women, telling them to cover up because it’s problematic for a woman to be sexual. It’s hard to drive the narrative that women are sweet innocent creatures that only have sex because dastardly men tell them too when you realize that the majority of sex toys are for women. I for one, am exhausted with feminism banning breasts and shaming my favorite bootylicious babes. It’s time feminism got over its gynophobia and realized that demonising feminity just because guys enjoy it is childish. You can’t be a woman’s rights movement if you are operating under the same puritanical rules of 15th Century priests. Tifa’s hot bod should not be considered problematic, the feministic attitude toward sexually provocative women should be considered problematic. We need to teach feminism that we can’t stop racism with ‘reverse-racism’, we can’t stop sexism with ‘reverse-sexism’ and we can’t stop body-shaming by body shaming. When the Final Fantasy remake arrives, you can expect me to be cracking heads if feminism is still so small minded to be talking negatively about Tifa’s chest. Still, Neo-Feminism does have a place in the Final Fantasy VII universe, in Hojo’s lab with the other monstrosities.

I will now retreat to my lair back at #AssFrequency. Tweet your hatemail to @MIBOOBs_ and if you enjoyed this piece let me know and I’ll link you to my articles Privilege The Original Sin and Feminism The Western Burqa once they are finished.

  • Mr0303

    That was a great read.

    Feminism is a hate group. This attack on gaming is just a power play so that they can control what you like, it is a prime example of thought policing. They are the new censors, similar to the religious priests.

    To modify a Stephen Fry quote a bit – “The only people who are obsessed with food are
    anorexics and the morbidly obese, and that in erotic terms is Feminism in a nutshell.”.

    • Im still mad Stephen Fry got chased off twitter, I really enjoyed his paypal rants

  • With all due respect, I think that you might not really understand what’s going on, here. I think that the feminist leadership is made up of mostly functional lesbians and functional asexual women who wish that they were lesbians. In large part, at least, because of that, these women HATE male sexuality. I believe that the feminist effort to constantly whine about women with stereotypically good-looking bodies being put on a pedestal in our society is not an attempt to shame those women. Instead, I believe that it is an attempt to try to shame men and male sexuality for being more attracted to these body types. Admittedly, many women may have gotten the wrong impression (like yourself) and started thinking that feminists are trying to shame you, but I think that, in reality, they are trying to shame men for having a sex drive.

    • “It’s time feminism got over its gynophobia and realized that demonising feminity just because guys enjoy it is childish”

      Oh trust me, that’s the conclusion I came to originally too, but I felt just saying feminists were largely butch lesbians who hate anything men like since it was never them etc wasn’t the best point to lead with :-) .

      And on the topic of Sex drive i agree and disagree. I believe that feminists view sexual appetite as a male trait so when a woman has it, it’s almost taboo. Still there’s a divide in feminism where some feminists say a woman is free to be a ‘slut’ if she so wishes and the others says they are servicing male desire thus being a traitor. The thing about feminism is it’s a race to victimhood so they’re always fighting to be worse off.

      It’s kinda like this story this religious guy once told me about two kids:They start off boasting about how great their live are, but by the end of the conversation they’re talking about how bad they’re lives are and still competing.

      • That’s interesting that you think that some feminist leaders believe that ALL sexuality is “a male thing” and that it should be a taboo, if not wiped out, entirely. That has not been my impression of the feminist leadership, and, frankly, it’s difficult for me to believe that anyone who has had a decent fuck in his or her life would ever believe such a thing. My impression of the feminist leadership is that they might not all be lesbians, now, but that one of their long-term goals is to try to turn all women into lesbians. I’m going to have to see if I can find any feminist leaders who say or imply that ALL sexuality, even same-sex female sexuality, is “a male thing,” and, therefore, is not good. Such an argument seems logically absurd on the face of it, but that isn’t, necessarily, going to stop feminists from saying it!

        • I think a lot of them are just anti-sexual in nature. I can’t imagine people like Anita, Zoey or that other one who did the cancelcolbert thing getting laid………………………NO BRAIN NO BRAIN NO I DID NOT NEED THAT IMAGE

          • If it’s not too inappropriate to comment on an month-old article like this, I’d like to post a few more words. I’ve been thinking about the article, and your responses, Stephanie, a few times in the past month, or so. I still don’t agree with a good deal of the article, but I may be revising my opinion, somewhat. For a while, now, I thought that one long-term goal of the core of the feminist leadership was a future world where all women are lesbians. It’s possible that this was one of their main goals, in the past, but it might not be true, anymore. I dunno, perhaps their own stupidity, along with all of that bashing of male sexuality, caused the core feminist leadership to start believing that ALL sexuality is bad. I’m beginning to think that you might be on to something when you say that the feminist leadership has become a bunch of asexual creatures who think that sex is a male thing. It is also possible that one of their main goals, now, is not a future world of only lesbians, but a future world of women who enter into same-sex, emotionally monogamous, yet asexual, relationships.

          • mm yes I don’t think I can put it better myself. Also, I think women find it easy to be emotionally attached to someone without a sexual lust. I believe this is why porn marketed towards girls has a very story heavy feelings oriented approach so it isn’t too bizarre to have an asexual relationship.
            There’s a quote that comes to mind i can’t remember what it is from but “a man needs sex to feel loved and a woman needs to feel loved to have sex” I don’t agree entirely but i think it is a common view point

          • kkl4261

            Wait! Porn has story? That’s new to me.

          • Yup, you do realize girl porn is often erotica right? Books without picture with pages and pages of boning or thinking about boning. To the point where sometime sex gets in the way of the story and we skip that part which defeats the whole point.

  • WEL

    There’s nothing worse than male feminists. These kind of men are even more misogynistic than actual misogynists and thus want women to either look like men or be unattractive. Most of the anti-boobies campaigners are men. Men like Jim Sterling or the people that now works at IGN.

    • I don’t understand people who are anti-boobs. I can understand anti-vagina, but boobs are awesome.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    “Believe it or not, there are many busty women out there and their life
    is hell. It’s not just catcalling, it’s being assumed to be a slut. The
    assumptions you are stupid, that everything has been handed to you, the
    idea that you are empty inside and face no struggles. Many people don’t
    realize that a lot of naturally busty women are taught to hate themselves from a very young age by other women.”

    This right here is the key point made. The problem, particularly in the West, is the anti-sexuality nature of the media. It treats male sexuality as dirty and degrading, and female sexuality as shameful and self deprecating. It’s why sexuality is almost nearly regarded as more controversial than violence, and why even a little bit of fanservice is being lambasted, when violence is not. Neither should be, for the record.

    People treat boobs in this INSANELY illogical way, because they have been programmed to view women as lesser just because they display their sexuality. Yet, some of these people claim to be ‘progressives’. Whenever I see someone use terms such as ‘objectification’ and ‘sexism’ in regards to hot video game characters, i’m like: the developers didn’t create them to be objects, the fans don’t think their objects, and the voice actors and cosplayers don’t. The ONLY people judging them by appearance and treating them like objects is the VERY PEOPLE claiming it’s sexist.

    It’s easy to look at the DOA girls and think that they’re just stupid bimbos, but most people haven’t played the fighting game series, where they’re interesting characters with fun, albeit cliche, stories. Personally, i can like my sexualized characters as much as my non-sexualized ones, so the only people who are bigoted and losing out on good experiences are the people who condemn it.

    • Preach it! Some of these people sound so crazy to me I half expect them to blindfold their babies when they breastfeed. Also they entirely ignore any male sexualization, entirely. I mean anita made that video about strategic butt coverings but you can put batman in a capeless latex sex suit if you want (oh and I do). Japan is actually a fairly sexually conservative country believe it or not but they understand that sex is natural and aren’t frightened of it.

      It’s insane the amount of times I hear on forums about girls getting bullied for developing earlier than other girls. We’re just a warped type of people, I don’t know what it is… rivalry???

      • Patrick Toworfe

        Yeah you’re right; Japan is quite traditional, but they accept men and women as they are, and they don’t treat sexuality as this shock/horror sort of thing. Sadly, this is clashing more and more with the west, as the perpetually offended grow louder, and it’s begun to directly affect our games. I never cared what people thought about fanservice/sexualization, as long as I had the OPTION to enjoy it, but these days even that is being taken away from us. And people are beginning to see that with all this ‘localization’ bs, and instances of legit censorship. People really need to stop trying to tell others what to think, and hiding their bigotry behind being ‘progressive’. Sometimes people just outright hate boobs and female sexuality, but they don’t want to admit it.

        • I think true gamers can see through the fanservice even if they don’t care for it. People thought it was weird I liked the Anime Chobits, but it’s sooo good fanservice aside. I think Shimeta hits the nail on the head when it comes to censorship (The whole anime is about a future without dirty jokes and it’s awesome). Feminists seem to want to bring things back to pong and acman (but not miss pacman because it’s sexist????). Fortunately web still have people like Shoe and Sargon to be like:

          • Patrick Toworfe

            Shimoneta was an amazing anime for several reasons. And you’re right: you can like the fanservice AND appreciate the rest of what something has to offer. I did notice on your twitter that you know about the likes of shoeonhead and sargon of akkad, so that’s cool

          • I tripped over shoeonhead’s ‘but muh wage gap’ video on youtube and it was an instant sub/follow/like deal and I’ve been following Sargon since…………. him since like when i was mmad at militant christians? It’s been along time. CH Sommers and Milo are cool too

          • Patrick Toworfe

            I see. I’ve known all of those guys for years now. Yknow what Stephanie? You’re alright =]

  • kkl4261

    Yeah, neo-feminists are maniac. I remember reading an article accusing Elisabeth (Bioshock) of being a damsel in distress and being weak and non-offensive. She claimed that the sole purpose of Elisabeth is providing ammo for man and so this objectize women and disrespect them, viewing them as a tool for man.
    Yep, that’s totally insane. I don’t understand the hate of feminist towards women. It seems that what feminists hate every woman that looks attractive. And as long as the woman is not using any weapon, she is protrayed as weak and dependent of man. Seriously, WTF?
    Another example is a picture I saw on Facebook, protraying a knight in full armor(gender unknown) shielding a princess from danger. And then there’s a comment saying’ If the knight is a male, then this pic is wrong coz the idea of a man protecting a woman is toxic.’ I was like, seriously, what’s wrong with you.

    • The funniest thing about it i they flip flop. They’re like children pretending to be adults, who still want there parents to look after them, but at the same time feel independent.

      • Tendo Pain


  • Squirly

    Thanks for a bit of sanity in what feels like a sea of outrage and “hurt feelings”. Great read.

    On another note, have you watched or read any of Liana Kerzner’s stuff? Fair amount of overlap and common ground between your and her writing.

    • Haven’t heard of her, but a fair amount of overlap you say? Sound like someone I’ll either love or hate depending on her bust size :-p

  • Jack

    Great article!
    I was interested in hearing what you thought about the character Quite in MGS. That character seems to be designed for the purpose of titilation.

  • Tendo Pain

    nobody ever complains about the unrealistic proportions of men, or men as sex toys in these games (unless making a point like i am) but you will find that men and women are largely treated the same when it comes to over exaggerated physical proportions and provocative clothing. while i don’t really believe either sex merits complaints when it comes to character designs, i do feel that if you are going to complain about one sex being over sexualized then you should complain about both sexes. we are all on this big ship together and its about time we quit acting like its us against them when it comes to genders.