Cities Skylines: Snowfall Expansion Review

By Artur Araújo – 6th March 2016
Cities Skylines: Snowfall Expansion Review

Cities Skylines, or as I like to call it: Take That EAlines, is that kind of game you’ll find yourself wishing for more and more content to be added, so you can use it as an excuse to skip that wedding your sister’s having (again). Even though it released about a year ago, and I have an appetite for new and better games bigger than Trump’s wish for hate, Cities Skylines keeps, on a very constant basis, attracting me to its splendid and vivid grounds that provide me with the ability to raise and destroy civilizations on one of the best, and yet prettiest, city-building-simulators out there.

Following the brilliant After Dark expansion – which added more mechanics than say… SimCity has – Snowfall transforms the beautiful cities in Cities Skylines into beautiful white blankets of snow, but also increases the game in difficulty and the amount of needs the civilians will have due to the obvious predicaments that come with cold weather.

Thanks to the new in-game temperature reading mechanic, players now have to hire snowplow services to assure that roads are always free of snow and whatnot. But difficulty increments don’t end there as players must manage demands for electricity and also clear – with the aforementioned snowplow services – the way for trams – the new transport that comes with Snowfall. Though it isn’t part of the paid expansion, Paradox Interactive also freely added rain and fog to the base game, so that everyone can take advantage of the new temperature reading feature.

Though there are some other minor touches here and there, those previously mentioned features are the main additions from Snowfall.

I must say, as someone who would define Cities Skylines as an almost perfect game – even reaching my top 3 games of 2015 – Snowfall, which sounds like a superb follow-up to the city-builder, is a massive disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a better expansion than most garbage that comes from AAA developers these days, but knowing Paradox Interactive, I was expecting a masterpiece like After Dark was and not just 3 new maps that added one helpful feature or two but are generally just some overpriced reskins of already existent land fields.

Snowfall, as already mentioned, puts players in charge of regulating electricity’s levels, which really isn’t that hard as we’re also given the ability to upgrade every house to have some kind of heat system which completely gets rids of that problem.

As a huge Winter fan, and someone who typically enjoys “vast” extensions to his favorite games, I must say that Snowfall – that stated costs practically half of the full game’s value – is mostly a big let down. If you’re not expecting this to be game-changing then I completely recommend it, mostly due to how gorgeous cities get (though trams and every new feature is also definitely well welcomed) but if you hope for something like After Dark then it’s probably for the best for you to sit down and await for Paradox to announce their eventual comeback.


  • Visually Gorgeous
  • Trams are a welcome addition


  • Too expensive
  • Doesn’t support mods yet
  • Allows to use feature on 3 maps only