Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun Announced For 3DS

By Jay Michael – 29th February 2016
Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun Announced For 3DS

Nintendo have announced the next major Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, via a Nintendo Direct event. 

Yesterday gamers found logos for the potential titles in European trademark databases, and now both have been confirmed for arrival in late 2016.


Junichi Masuda Tweeted a photo of the moon last week, commenting that it was out the same time as the sun, who knew that he was in fact hinting at such a major bit of news?

Rumours are rife that these could be the last ever Pokemon games, however – given the severe amount of money the franchise generates – that doesn’t seem likely.

As part of Pokemon’s 20th birthday celebrations, Nintendo have confirmed that any Pokemon caught in the upcoming 3DS re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be transferable to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon via Pokemon Bank.

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