Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Aims for a More Mature Faith

By Voltech44 – 13th January 2016
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Aims for a More Mature Faith

Back in 2008, Mirror’s Edge made its strides across the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — and to the delight of many.  While she didn’t make very many appearances outside of a game that’s nearly a decade old, Faith’s adventures as a Runner in a harsh yet striking world left an impression so strong that a sequel’s been in demand for ages.  EA and DICE are looking to do the fans, the game, and the character justice with the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — right down to making Faith the best Runner she can be.

It’s no secret that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is going to be a reboot instead of a sequel or prequel, which means that players will essentially get to meet Faith all over again.  Reboots aren’t necessarily a quick fix or guarantee for success, but Per Haagensen — the lead concept artist for the game — has shed some light on the design process and the team’s intent.  With this reboot, the plan is to give Faith a brand new origin story, and generate player interest via her special circumstances.  In terms of art, Haagensen notes that they wanted to create a more mature-looking Faith.  Part of that comes from the dynamic poses and athleticism shown off, while part of it comes from the details added to her face — with focus and concern specifically cited.

It’s an interesting approach, considering what franchise they’re working with.  The original Mirror’s Edge spent the majority of its time giving players a first-person perspective, so it’s not as if there were many chances to show off things like Faith’s emotional range.  That begs the question of how — and how often — Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will handle those matters, as well as stay true to the art; still, the fact that any DICE teammate would spend time worrying about her portrayal means that they least have the right idea.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is slated for release sometime in May for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  We’ll soon see if Faith’s return was worth the wait.