Final Fantasy IX Coming to PCs and Smartphones

By Voltech44 – 1st January 2016
Final Fantasy IX Coming to PCs and Smartphones

It’s practically a given that Square-Enix wasn’t going to let the infamous Final Fantasy slip out of the spotlight anytime soon, and over the course of 2015 they doubled down on the exposure.  The long-delayed Final Fantasy XV got new details and a playable demo, while the reveal of a Final Fantasy VII remake dropped with the force of a meteor.  Those games are still a ways away, though — but in the meantime, Square-Enix is putting Final Fantasy IX center stage.

The franchise’s 2000 installment has been cleared for a brand new port.  While Square-Enix hasn’t announced an official release date — save for promises of the game coming soon, at least in Japan — fans can at least expect Final Fantasy IX to make it onto PCs and smartphones at some point in 2016.  Moreover, it won’t just be a straight port of the original game; enhanced, high-definition graphics are on the way, along with auto-saving, achievements, and boosts that let players tweak the game’s parameters.  Also of note is a “high speed mode”, which will probably liven up the pace of battles.

Square-Enix has already listed the compatible platforms on their website, which recommends iOS 7.0 and Android 4.1 — or later updates — for the respective devices.  While their site recommends that users check their device’s model for compatibility, it’s less of a warning and more of a reminder that the company is about to release a new and improved version of Final Fantasy IX.  Granted the game made its way to the PlayStation Network back in 2010, but if Square-Enix intends to revive the past, it’s only natural that they breathe new life into the adventures of Zidane and company.

With both high-profile releases and new editions for classics like Final Fantasy IX on the way, it’ll be interesting to see what else Square-Enix puts out in the years to come.