Titanfall Returns in 2016 as a Mobile Game

By Voltech44 – 1st November 2015
Titanfall Returns in 2016 as a Mobile Game

The marriage of frantic first-person gunplay and giant robot action should have made Titanfall the overlord of the whole medium of video games.  For one reason or another, that didn’t happen; despite the hype and a dedicated fanbase, Respawn Entertainment’s new franchise didn’t become the unbridled success that it could have been.  But the studio hasn’t given up yet.  Titanfall is coming back — even if the battlefield will shift from consoles to smartphones.

Respawn isn’t taking the franchise to the mobile space alone, though.  A partnership has been announced that will see the studio working with the free-to-play company Nexon, which published titles like Dirty Bomb and Lawbreakers.  In turn, both of them will team up with mobile developer Particle City — the renamed studio that Respawn itself founded — to deliver on the promise of a Titanfall mobile game.  If all goes as planned, then the first foray will go on sale for iOS and Android at some point next year.  Depending on its success, the first might not be the last.

Those eager for more Titanfall on consoles may find the news shocking — or even worrying — but there’s still hope.  Respawn CEO Vince Zampella has explained that the studio is working alongside Nexon to reach a wider audience, which is likely easier to do on mobile devices than with a big console release.  If the companies can spread awareness, then they can gain more support for a full Titanfall sequel — something that’s been teased for a good while.  Alternatively, the mobile game is merely an appetizer for the main course.

Time will tell what comes of Titanfall in the mobile and console space.  Either way, it looks like 2016 might satisfy even the hungriest giant robot fan.