Smack Em’ With 50% Discounts in Dying Light Trailer

By Jalane Farrington – 20th November 2015
Smack Em’ With 50% Discounts in Dying Light Trailer

Dying Light on November Steam Sale!

On November 20, 2015, Techland released a short promotional trailer for zombie-bashing parkour game called Dying Light; this first-person survival game contains a day/night cycle with the infected being deadly and aggressive at night. To endure these days and nights, one must pillaged supplies at drop zones or fight on or off a team. Anyways, Dying Light is getting a 50% discount at Steam, a digital online store filled with hundreds of games.To spread word of the great bargain deal, the creators shared a small footage of the sweet action:

Online PC players can obtain this awesome deal and mature game for $29.99. As quick reminder, a spin-off title in production called Dying Light: the Following will focus on Kyle Crane’s untold story. This new adventure features a new map, driveable vehicles, deadlier weapons, nonlinear progression story, etc. Unfortunately, world-wide audiences do not know when this project arrives.

For more information about Techland or Dying Light, please visit the official website.

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