Gabe Newell: Valve’s Steam Machines Outperform Consoles

By Jay Michael – 10th November 2015
Gabe Newell: Valve’s Steam Machines Outperform Consoles

Days before Valve’s much-anticipated project to bring PC gaming into the living room, Gabe Newell has claimed its hardware line-up can offer better performance-value than home consoles.

Newell told business website Develop:

“At console price points, we’re going to have machines like Alienware’s, which are faster than today’s consoles. So, the same price point as today, except you get better performance and you’re connected to everything you like about the PC and the Internet.”

Thirteen separate hardware units are listed on Valve’s Steam Machine storefront, with the aforementioned Alienware system priced at $450. Although the machines’ final specs are not stated, research by Gamespot suggests the device carries an Intel Core i3 Dual-Core processor, 4GB of DDR3L system RAM, an NVIDIA Geforce GTX with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, and a 500GB hard-drive.

Take Newell’s words with a pinch of salt, while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can be bought for a similar price to Alienware, they often retail for around $100 cheaper.


The initial range of Steam Machines go on sale from November 10, will you be buying one, or, are the more traditional consoles the better option? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  • Mr0303

    I think the main problem with the Steam machines is the large variety. There are 20 or so versions of them and I doubt any developer would put the time or money to optimize their game for so many pieces of hardware.

    • Jay Michael

      Also the lack of exclusives, unless something with the pull of another Half Life (not going to happen) etc comes along, I can’t see why people are going to switch over.

      • Richard Miller

        Their are tons of PC exclusives.

        • Jay Michael

          Their are indeed, however, there are literally millions of PC gamers who would rather build their own gaming PC than buy a Steam Machine.

          Contrastingly, their are virtually zero console gamers who would rather build a console than just buy a PS4 or XBO, that’s the major difference.

          If I want a PC exclusive game, let’s say Football Manager just for example, I can easily play it on the laptop I already own. However, if I want a PS4 exclusive game, Uncharted 4 for example, I have to own a PS4.

          • Richard Miller

            Steam Machines are not made for PC gamers but console gamers that want to become PC gamers without building a PC. The thing that I always see tons of console gamers say is that they want to game on PC but they don’t want to build their own PC. So steam Machines are for them and may be good competition for the PS4 and Xbox One.

          • Jay Michael

            I have no doubt that you’re right about that, tempting console users across will for sure be an aim. The problem is, most console gamers have already spent their hard-earned on a PS4 or a XBO, why spend that amount again on a Steam Machine when they can play most of the new PC games on the laptop/desktop they already own?

            Take me for example, I would absolutely love to play the PC version of Minecraft via a Steam Machine, but I already have it on PS4 and it works just fine on my laptop. I know for a fact that it would run so much more smoothly / I could download tons more mods if I had a Steam Machine, but that’s not enough to make me want to fork out hundreds of dollars.

            There’s definitely room in the market for Steam Machines, and it’s great that Steam are coming out and challenging the big boys, I just think Newell’s belief that they can change the opinion of the average console gamer is a little naive.

    • Richard Miller

      You don’t understand that Steam Machines are not consoles they are PCs. So if they optimize games for regular PCs than it will be optimized for steam machines. I think the large amount of variety is one of the many aspects that make it better than consoles as it offers more choice and freedom.

      • Jay Michael

        This is a good point, however, by saying this, Newell has clearly pointed out the Steam Machines as a concept which can compete with XBO and PS4 in terms of marketability; something which they simply can’t.

        I think Mr0303’s point is that, with the sheer amount of Steam Machines available, games will perform a lot differently on each version. With the PS4 and XBO, developers know exactly what specs they have to work with, whereas, with the Steam Machines, you may make a game which performs like an absolute dream on a high-end Steam Machines, yet performs like utter rubbish on the lower end of the spectrum.

        Either way, I’m just glad to more and more gaming devices hit the market, it’s a wonderful time to be a gamer.

        • Richard Miller

          Seeing how their are more games on linux than the PS4 and Xbox one, also how even the cheapest Steam Machine is a little bit stronger than the PS4 it should be OK. But I do wonder would the common consumer know this.

          • Jay Michael

            It’s unfortunate that being a little bit stronger than the PS4 is never going to convince the average gamer to fork out hundreds of dollars.

            I think you’re right to think that, when looking for a console, the common consumer isn’t going to be researching the specs of each machine, he isn’t going to read deeply into the performance. He’s going to type ‘Should I buy a PS4 or an Xbox One?’ into a search engine and then go with whichever one IGN/Gamespot etc. tells him is best.

            Steam Machines need to get to the point were that common consumer is searching ‘Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One, or a Steam Machine?’ before they can even consider trying to compete with Sony and MS.

            You can have all the performance power in the world, but average Joe will much more likely have his head turned by a glossy PS4 Star Wars trailer than the higher specs of a Steam Machine.

      • Mr0303

        I do understand that. Optimizing for PCs is extremely limited because
        the developers don’t know the specs or the OS of the machine that will
        be running the game. This is why to reach performance similar to
        consoles the PCs need to be more powerful.

        The way the Steam
        machines were marketed were as competition to consoles (proved by Gabe’s
        statement above as well). The variety of hardware makes them non
        customizable PCs, which are somewhere in between consoles and PCs.

        • Richard Miller

          No you are wrong again as optimizing for the PC is not that hard and it will get even easier when Vulkan api is out for all PC OSs. The whole point of Steam Machines is to try to sell PCs to the console gamers that don’t want to build their own. As Steam machines are just prebuilt PCs. And most steam Machines are customizable and upgradable.

          • Mr0303

            Recent major releases like MKX, Batman Arkham Knight and AC Unity prove otherwise. Developers need to put good time into games to make them playable (let alone optimized) on PCs. Knowing the low level hardware specifics on consoles lets developers do great low level optimization and this is why some of the best games on consoles come from first party studios.

            They are not full PCs since I reckon Steam OS is just for gaming. My initial point was that the 20 or so versions don’t get any of the advantages of consoles – no specifically optimized games or physical releases to mention a couple – and are a bit of a strange business decision from Valve.

          • Richard Miller

            But then great releases like Mad Max, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Fallout 4 proves me right as they run better on even mid-range PCs but run terrible on PS4. Its all depends on how lazy the devs are. Optimizing is easy for PCs but most devs are too lazy.

            You are wrong again as steamos is just linux but better for gaming. Gabe even said that steamos can still do anything that a Linux PC can do. Actually even the cheapest Steam Machine is stronger than the PS4. Plus their are more games on linux than the PS4 and Xbox one. The console will be in trouble if most common customers figure this out.

          • Mr0303

            I can’t speak for the others but Mordor and Xenoverse run just fine on the PS4 and don’t have any of the obvious problems of the titles that I mentioned. How does it prove you right when those games have many issues on hardware that is supposedly much more powerful than the consoles?

            Developers mainly rely on higher specs. No low level optimization is done for PCs. This would’ve been possible for the Steam machines, but there are too many variations for the developers to bother with.

            The core Linux experience is pretty bare bones and I wonder what types of extra software the Steam OS will support. I doubt it will fully replicate all other options available on PC.

            The cheapest Steam machine is 200$ above a PS4. I would expect it to be somewhat more powerful. Even so, chances are games on there will not be fully optimized. I doubt they will be any serious competition to consoles, because the common customer will not be ready to pay 1000$ for a platform that doesn’t have any meaningful exclusives or support physical media.

          • Richard Miller

            Mordor and Xenoverse are 30fps on PS4 but easily 60fps on PC. You are really worng about the “Developers mainly rely on higher specs. No low level optimization is done for PCs.” And shows that you really don’t know much about PC gaming or APIs.

            While I do agree that Linux do need more support by both programs and games but I do feel it have more then enough for to replace windows.

            The cheapest Steam machine is 100$ above a PS4. You forgot PSplus price which is mandatory for PS4 owners. If you knew about Linux you would know games run really good on the OS. The thing is Consoles are in real big trouble once people understand that the steam machines can run games at 1080p at 60fps and that they have more games. Plus PC gaming have way more exclusives than PS4 and XB1. And physical media is obsolete so that’s no issue imo.

          • Mr0303

            30FPS still means playable games. There was nothing on the level of issues of the games that I mentioned – bad netcode, graphical glitches and one being downright unplayable.

            Just stating “you are wrong” and “you know nothing” is not an argument – it is a strawman. Give me an example of how a developer can use a specific bit of hardware in a PC without knowing what it is. APIs are not universal – the kernel and motherboard differences make sure that the the system can’t be fully utilized.

            Now you are wrong. PS+ is not mandatory for PS4 owners.

            I know about Linux and in fact it is one of my OS-s, but that is another strawman you really wanted to create. Steam is installed on my Windows since the selection is better on there.

            Quantity of games doesn’t suggest quality. Name me one big AAA exclusive – a game that is considered a system seller – that will be released on the Steam machines. HL3 would be one, but I won’t hold my breath.

            Physical media is most definitely not obsolete and is something console gamers expect from their system. I can point you to the failure of the PSP GO and the backlash against the initial no disk design of the Xbox One to prove that.

          • Richard Miller

            But they games you mention are not unplayable on PC so the similarity is still correct.

            You may not know what Vulkan API is or what it means for PC gaming so I will explain. Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API by the Khronos Group. Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as games and interactive media across all platforms, and offers higher performance and lower CPU usage, much like Direct3D 12 and Mantle. In addition to its lower CPU usage, Vulkan is also able to better distribute work amongst numerous CPU cores, as concluded by a simulation that used an “infinitely fast” GPU on a 16-core CPU.

            So in short it helps even weak hardware play games way better than powerful hardware now.

            PSplus is mandatory for you PS4 owners as you can’t play online with out it. And most games have an online multiplayer mode now.

            In my opinion Linux is already well on it’s way to beating windows.Most people hate the OS with out even trying it.

            Well that just shows your ignorance as no game will just be released on steam machines as they are just PCs. But imo Pillars of Eternity is a great PC and Linux exclusive that’s not coming to consoles

            See how most games bought on the PS4 is digital and not physical then I must repeat that physical games are obsolete and will not be something that most console gamers will care about as they get a steam machine.

          • Mr0303

            Arkham Knight is unplayable to the point where WB gave out refunds.

            Nice Wikipedia copy there. You still haven’t given any examples of direct hardware interaction with the code, because let’s face it – there isn’t one for PCs. It is an advantage consoles have over PCs. The APIs help redistribute the code before passing it to the kernel, but this is as far as it goes. Plus there is the small issue of API compatibility across system configurations.

            You don’t have to play the online components, so no – PS+ is not mandatory.

            Linux holds 5% of the PC market compared to the 90% Windows usage. Windows isn’t going anywhere.

            So the Steam machines will have no big exclusive game to push their sales. Oh, and what you consider ignorance was a rhetorical question.

            Citation needed for the physical vs digital sales on PS4. Indie games being the majority of the digital store doesn’t change the fact that most sales on consoles are through retail, including the second hand market.

            As I pointed out console gamers were quite vocal against a digital only consoles both in the past and present, so your assumption that they won’t care is far fetched.

          • Richard Miller

            Arkham Knight is not unplayable it’s just can’t stick the 60fps. If Arkham Knight then most console games are unplayable.
            I guess you still don’t know what Vulkan is.
            Vulkan is the new generation, open standard API for high-efficiency access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs. This ground-up design, previously referred to as the Next Generation OpenGL Initiative, provides applications direct control over GPU acceleration for maximized performance and predictability.
            Vulkan is intended to provide a variety of advantages over other APIs as well as its spiritual predecessor, OpenGL. Vulkan offers lower overhead, more direct control over the GPU, and lower CPU usage. Intended advantages include:
            OpenGL uses the high-level language GLSL for writing shaders which forces each OpenGL driver to implement its own compiler for GLSL that executes at application runtime to translate the program’s shaders into executable code for the target platform. Vulkan will instead provide an intermediate binary format called SPIR-V (Standard Portable Intermediate Representation), analogous to the binary format that HLSL shaders are compiled into in DirectX. This reduces the onus on driver vendors, allows shader pre-compilation, and permits application developers to write shaders in languages other than GLSL.
            Cross-platform API supported on both mobile devices and high-end graphics cards.
            OS agnostic to improve the portability of applications created using the API.
            Better support for modern systems that use multithreading.
            Reduced the load on CPUs in situations where the CPU is the bottleneck, allowing higher throughput for GPU calculations and rendering.
            So with Vulkan even low end PCs will perform better than PS4. And seeing how Vulkan will be for all OSs I see no reason why the steam machines won’t perform better than the PS4.
            Yes PSplus is mandatory rather you want to admit it or not. Especially in this day and age.
            Their is 1,500 games available on Steam while their is 6,464 Windows games and 2,323 OS X games. So it’s making progress but it already have more games than PS4.
            You are still showing your ignorance. Just because you don’t like all the great PC exclusives don’t mean they don’t matter.

            Look up: “Digital downloads now represent more than 50% of all game sales”
            Especially with Sony and Nintendo doing such a big digital only push. Physical game media is basically obsolete or niche at best.

          • Mr0303

            Arkham Knight was downright broken on PC to the point where WB pulled it from Steam and gave refunds. This is basically an admission from the publisher that the game was not up to standards.

            Your best example is copy-pasting the description of an API that is not even out yet. Great. APIs are optimisation libraries that help the code communicate with the hardware and optimize it when possible. They do not give you direct control of say flushing the memory cache or manipulating the pipeline process in the multithreading solution.

            You can play games without Plus. Thus it is not mandatory. I guess you don’t know the definition of the word. In fact about 40% of PS4 owners don’t have PS+, which proves my point.

            I never said that I don’t like any PC exclusives – this is you strawmaning again. I stated that there will not be any big exclusives to push the Steam machines upon their release as you yourself admitted.

            The study in question includes PC games as well as mobile games, which are more or less exclusively digital platforms, which means all digital sales a 52% of the market. Nowhere does it state that the digital sales are outpacing physical releases on consoles. In fact the date suggests otherwise – 48% of game sales were retail releases and unless the mobile+PC markets account to less than 4% of everything the majority of console sales are physical.

            Oh, do tell about the Sony and Nintendo digital only push. I haven’t heard about that one.

          • Richard Miller

            Yes Arkham Knight is not optimized but not unplayable.

            Here’s Vulkan API explained better: It’s a low-overhead, close-to-metal API for 3D graphics and compute applications. Vulkan is basically a follow-on to OpenGL. It was originally referred to as the “next generation OpenGL initiative,” and it includes a few bits and pieces from AMD’s Mantle API. Vulkan is supposed to provide numerous advantages over other GPU APIs, enabling superior cross-platform support, better support for multithreaded processors, lower CPU load, and a pinch of OS agnosticism. It should also make driver development easier, and allow the pre-compilation of drivers, including the use of shaders written in various languages.

            So in short it makes games play better on PCs. :)

            PSplus is needed to play online so yeah it’s mandatory. On PCs you can play online for free.

            No you are lying and being ignorant again. Their are tons of great PC exclusives that people will get a steam machine to play. It’s just ‘YOU’ that don’t think they are big enough.

            2014 was the first year so far where digital sales were greater than physical sales (52 % vs 48%). That was last year just imagine what this year was like. No wonder consoles are forcing a digital only future.

          • Mr0303

            Arkham Knight was broken no matter how you spin it. The publisher removed it from Steam.

            Of course you would avoid the fact that the API is not a direct hardware communication, but an optimized way to distribute code to different platforms. Again – the Vulkan is not out yet so you can’t state with any confidence how well it will perform.

            You are not forced to play online so it is not mandatory to have it when you buy a PS4, like the numbers show. Oh, and you can buy console games offline unlike on PCs.

            “No you are lying and being ignorant again. Their are tons of great PC
            exclusives that people will get a steam machine to play. It’s just ‘YOU’
            that don’t think they are big enough.”

            Did you even read what I wrote? The Steam machines will have no AAA exclusive games to push them on release date. There is no game releasing alongside them that will push sales as you said – “no game will just be released on steam machines as they are just PCs”.

            So you have no data to support your claim. Consoles are not pushing a digital only future. NX being digital only is a rumor and Sony not announcing their next console yet is nothing out of the ordinary.

          • Richard Miller

            As I said Arkham Knight is not optimized but not unplayable. Fallout 4 on consoles now that’s unplayable.

            Vulkan is a new API for hardware-accelerated graphics (and general computation) via traditional GPUs. OpenGL will continue to be developed, as it is a higher-level API than Vulkan is intended to be. Originally referred to “glNext,” one can infer that Vulkan was likely going to end up being “OpenGL 5,” but that the standards body eventually decided that a new name would better coincide with the relatively clean break the API purports to make from existing OpenGL paradigms.

            Vulkan’s practical advantages to game developers are unclear, as the API standard is not yet available (preview standards and implementations are expected later in 2015). However, the overview of the API reveals a few key theoretical points:

            The API is oriented around asynchronous generation of command buffers across multiple threads and sequenced processing of those buffers to a command pipeline. This reflects the realities of modern hardware. Most high-profile and/or high-performance software built on OpenGL today implement this kind of behavior themselves; having the API support this itself means that developers need not implement and maintain that framework themselves, or that they can do so with less effort.

            Thread and memory management tasks are left to the application, not the driver, allowing game developers more control over those behaviors and thus potentially more accurate tailoring of those behaviors to their individual game’s needs.

            The API mandates the consumption of an intermediate bytecode (SPIR-V) by the driver for shaders. This means simplistic, hopefully-less-buggy handling of shaders, and more importantly it means developers can pre-compile to this bytecode as part of a game’s asset baking process, rather than having to compile shaders at runtime on an end-user’s machine.

            Validation and diagnostics layers can be independently enabled, allowing in theory for better tools integration with the API (something OpenGL itself has suffered from) and disabling of excessive validation, in theory allowing “the graphics on level three” to be that much more performant.

            Allegedly, there will be no hard API differential between mobile and desktop versions, which will in theory ease the porting of cross-platform games and if nothing else reduce version-checking headaches that everybody hates.

            Vulkan’s still likely to be very C-like / OpenGL-like in superficial structure (the look and feel of the API calls, et cetera; although to be fair the specification isn’t readily available and sample code is hard to come by).

            However, it is lower-level than OpenGL. One can probably expect a jump in operational setup and complexity between OpenGL and Vulkan as was seen in the D3D9 to D3D10 transition, which exposed a lot more of the under-the-cover details of GPU device operation to the API client.

            Do you understand Vulkan now son. :)

            If you want to get the most out of your PS4 then yes PSplus is mandatory unless you want to get locked out of features. I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with that mess on PCs. You can buy PC games offline son. Haven’t you heard of game disks? It’s a great new invention. :)

            What are you talking about the Steam machines has tons of great AAA games. Games like

            Metro 2033 Redux

            Metro: Last Light Redux

            Serious Sam 3

            The Talos Principle

            Civilization Beyond Earth

            Cities: Skylines

            Half-Life (all of them)

            Counter Strike (all of them)

            Natural Selection 2

            Brütal Legend

            Spec Ops: The line

            Borderlands: The pre-Sequel

            Portal 1 and 2

            Tropico 5

            Empire: Total war

            Shadow Warrior


            Team Fortress 2

            Alien: Isolation

            XCOM: Enemy Unkown and Enemy WIthin

            Dead Island

            Dying light

            Crusader Kings 2

            Europa Universalis 4

            And in the near future we’ll have even more:


            Batman: Arkham Knight


            Grid: Autosport


            Those are some great AAA games.

            You need to stop being lazy and do some research. Sony said that PSnow is their future and The NX is digital only. I can’t do all the work here son. :)

          • Mr0303

            Let’s summarize the above, shall we? You didn’t address any of my points, you blatantly ignored facts and statistics (even ones that you brought up), you are shifting goal posts and blatantly lie about features (like PS+) and you didn’t back up your ridiculous claims with any evidence.

            Oh, and Steam machines will be always online. I don’t have to prove it. You should do some research about that.

          • Richard Miller

            You are the one ignoring facts son. You did zero research and is ignoring reality. You may hate the steam machines as you are a Sony fanboy and you see it as a threat to the PS4. But you can’t ignore that their are some people who will enjoy the steam machines as they offer an alternative to consoles. But even if you was very rude and ignorant I still enjoyed this debate. :)

          • Mr0303

            You didn’t provide any facts for me to be able to ignore them.

            Nowhere in my posts did I state that I hate the Steam machines or that I see them as a threat to the PS4 or any console in general. I am happy for the people who will enjoy the Steam machines and wish them the best of luck.

            I was never rude and in fact you were the one constantly throwing ad hominems and calling me ignorant and a liar. I never name called you once.

            Also please install a spellchecker on your PC – good grammar helps a lot when trying to make a point.

          • Richard Miller

            Good you are happy and I’m happy too kid. See the internet can be a warm place. :)

          • Mr0303

            Sure, gramps. Don’t forget to take your medicine. :)

          • Richard Miller

            As long as you Sony fanboys stops being jerks every once and a while. :)

          • Mr0303

            Says the guy who constantly threw insults and ad hominems. With terrible English nonetheless.

          • Richard Miller

            You still have that problem with being a jerk my boy. :)

          • Mr0303

            You seem the only one around here with any actual problems, old timer. I’m not the one calling people names. Manners maketh man.

          • Richard Miller

            You have a big chip on your shoulders son. Can’t you and makubexnas just accept that some people actually like gaming on PC?

          • Mr0303

            Who is makubexnas? Your imaginary friend? I have nothing against PC players. You are the one who seems to have a problem.

          • Richard Miller

            What are you talking about son? You up vote all of makubexnas anti-PC gaming comments. You and him are huge Sony fanboys that hate PC gamers. Are you crazy or something?

          • Mr0303

            I don’t remember all the people I upvote. You seem to have some kind of a grudge.

          • Richard Miller

            How can you not remember makubexnas when you up vote all his comments?

          • Mr0303

            I don’t remember this individual. He is not anywhere on this thread. You must be very paranoid.

          • Richard Miller

            I got an screenshot of you up voting him it you need help remembering.

          • Mr0303

            So? What is your point? Do I have to remember every person I upvote?

          • Richard Miller

            The point is that you agree with all his anti-PC gaming propaganda.

          • Mr0303

            So what is the the post that I upvoted that got you so butthurt? And who are you the thought police? You run around calling people fanboys and then complain that somebody is spewing anti-PC gaming “propaganda”? You are a very sad individual.

          • Richard Miller

            I’m not the police just a normal old man on the web. I just want to know why? Why hate me and why hate PC gamers in general?

          • Mr0303

            I don’t hate you or PC gamers. You are rather annoying though, with all those baseless accusations.

          • Richard Miller

            It’s not baseless son as I have the screenshots to prove it.

          • Mr0303

            OK, prove it. What is the hateful thing that I said?

          • Richard Miller

            Not what you said but how you agree with all the hateful things makubexnas says.

          • Mr0303

            So would you care to mention what I agreed with, because I’m getting pretty tired of your non specific accusations and weasel words. This better be good. This better be calling for the extermination of PC gamers, because you’ve spilled an entire salt mine of posts in an completely unrelated thread. So let’s hear it.

          • Richard Miller

            I can’t post the images on this thread for some reason so I will just post the comments that you agreed with.

            “you PC begger race never cease to entertain me ;D”

            “how about always begging for PC port on every playstation exclusive game page in this site…BTW i read all your comments.”

            “i lol at pc gamer for hoping sony will put their console exclusive on steam.”

            “pffff…PC Beggar Race”

            “i hope we can be friends and join me to fight the PCbeggerRace for our glorious Playstation nation :)”

            Those are just some of the comments.

          • Mr0303

            I actually found the discussion in question which you conveniently didn’t mention – for clarity sake it was “See Katsuragi, Hikage, and Renka’s Dakimakura from Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” on Niche Gamer.

            So let’s look at the full conversation, shall we?

            makubexnas: good luck waiting for PC port. (I didn’t upvote this one)
            You: You Sony fanboys never cease to entertain me. :)
            makubexnas: you PC begger race never cease to entertain me ;D (the comment I upvoted)

            So, you attacked him first, and then he responded in kind. You deserved that response. You engaged this person and provoked him. And then you have the nerve to blame me for agreeing with “anti-PC gaming propaganda”. So does this mean you were spreading “anti-PlayStation propaganda” in the first place?

            You are a hypocrite – you expect to insult people freely, but are offended when they retaliate. The last three post you mentioned are not even in the comment thread and I never upvoted them, but I suppose this is so that you can further your lies and disinformation.

            I regret wasting my time on you. You are a glorified troll, and one of the most vain and Tumblr like people I have ever had the displeasure of talking to.

          • Richard Miller

            Did you not read the other comments I posted. These are comments from other threads. makubexnas always attacked me and other PC gamers first. I am not anti-playstation or even anti-console as I don’t care what people game on. But you and makubexnas is very anti PC gaming.

            So I will ask you again. Why do you and makubexnas troll and hate us PC gamers so much?

          • Mr0303

            He didn’t attack you first. You attacked him as it is obvious to see from the conversation that I cited verbatim. I don’t care what he posted elsewhere. I am not obliged to research every person I upvote, you special easily offended snowflake.

            I don’t hate PC gaming, but I must admit I’ve developed a distaste for you, because you are a hateful individual who attacks others and puts blame on me for something someone said on a thread in which I wasn’t even present.

          • Richard Miller

            You even said that you don’t even know the guy. I do as he continue to attack/troll me and other PC gamers long before that thread. Read the other comments kid. You are really acting like the ignorant feminist who don’t care who they support. Everyone must have some personal responsibility. But as I said before their’s no need for you to be so hateful and vile as the internet can be a warm place if you allow it too. :)

          • Mr0303

            I don’t care if he attacks you. You deserve it, by the looks of it. I’m not taking responsibility for the actions of others, just for my own – something you have failed to do in admitting that you threw the first stone.

            I will not waste any more of my time on you.

          • Richard Miller

            If you read all the comments you would know that he threw the stone long before anything. By the way did you see the Nintendo direct?