Current Job Vacancies at Ninja Theory

By Jalane Farrington – 19th November 2015
Current Job Vacancies at Ninja Theory

At 9:20 AM EST, The fast-action paced creators of DMC: Devil May Cry and Heavenly Sword known as Ninja Theory has posted on Facebook about available positions to join the company’s workforce.  Currently, the developing team has been working on an upcoming AAA game called Hell Blade, which is in the production phrase.  Regardless, they are looking for individuals to fill these three roles: concept artist, FX artist, and a designer.

To apply for these available spots, you can visit this specific page and click on one of the three links. Each link will bring the visitor to a page with more written details on the minimum requirements and qualifications. However, they are interested in individuals who have worked at least two to three years in the gaming industry (or equivalent to the field). Although the gaming industry is filled with unique developers, these entries are not always available to the open field market. Therefore, submit applications or resumes as soon as possible!

For more details about this growing company, please checkout and visit the official website or Facebook page for updated materials, news, and special announcements.

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