Artifex Mundi’s Latest Game called Eventide

By Jalane Farrington – 19th November 2015
Artifex Mundi’s Latest Game called Eventide

Polish publisher and developer of video games, Artifex Mundi, has recently posted on twitter about a new game called Eventide; this hidden-object, puzzle adventure game (known as HOPA) contains Slavic mythological creatures whose existence may possibly end the world.  

Being unaware of this posing threat, the female protagonist (a botanist invited by her grandmother to save a dying plant) must venture into a contemporary heritage park and form an alliance with these nature beings before it’s too late. Here is the official trailer:

Interested players must overcome 43 problem-solving/hidden object puzzles and travel into 38 hand-painted locations. During the magical journey, folks can possibly obtain 25 achievements. Upon reaching the conclusion of the story, another untold chapter will be unlock with the main character venturing into a MidSummer Forrest in search of a Fern Flower.     

This new creative project along with 20+ titles is currently available at the Artifex Mundi website for $16.99 USD.  More language options and accessibility to other gaming platforms will become available over time.  To learn more or see more screenshots, please visit the official website.

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