3 Days left to Vote in Global Game Awards 2015

By Jalane Farrington – 21st November 2015
3 Days left to Vote in Global Game Awards 2015

Global Game Awards 2015 requires Votes!

It’s that time of the year when gamers reflect on the best known titles in the annual Global Game Awards 2015. Fortunately, Game-Debate (an online news distributor and gaming community) is hosting a world-wide poll, but time is quickly dwindling before the voting phase has ended. In fact, voters only have three days left, according to the count down! Basically, online participants can select one of the nominees in different categories: Survival, Sci-fi, Coop, etc. Besides the nominated titles, developers and game engines are also considered.

However, it does seem like some games were not even considered despite being released in early January. Additionally, it does seem like we’re missing some categories like Best High Definition Game, Best Demo Release, Best MMO, etc. Anyways, checkout the available selections and share your thoughts with us. Basically, what titles do you passionately think should have been mentioned or has to be the best game of the year?

Please visit Game-Debate’s official website.

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  • Mr0303

    Some of the most anticipated games for 2016 are released this year like Just Cause 3. Strange.

  • >People voting for Life is Strange

    They probably have no taste in video games.