10 First Person Shooters Worth Buying This Holiday Season

By Patrick Toworfe – 19th November 2015
10 First Person Shooters Worth Buying This Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Black Friday. What, you thought I was going to say Christmas? Don’t be silly, consumer goods rushes must be at least once every month!

Jokes aside, the holiday seaosn is fast approaching, and the cheap deals for consumer goods will be upon us. If you’re looking to finally take the plunge into the current gen of game consoles, or buy yourself that shiny new PC rig, then let the resident (self-proclaimed) FPS expert inform you of what’s worth getting this holiday season.

A lot of these choices may seem incredibly obvious, and this article will probably read like a personal recommendation list. Well, that’s because it is. Try not to read in too deep to the order of the list, reader.

10. Killzone Shadowfall (PS4)


One of the launch titles for PS4, and still a decently enjoyable shooter to this date. You might not be blown away by its story or overall depth, but it’s still a gorgeous game to behold. A game which already utilizes some of PS4’s power.

9. Star Wars Battlefront (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


The most recently released shooter on the market, and a game which has severely divided opinions of it. Despite which side of the fence you’re on, it’s hard to deny the level of detail and spectacle that went into this remake. It’s worth buying for Star Wars fans, if only to get you excited for Episode VII coming later this year.

8. Titanfall (Xbox One, PC)


It’s not got the hype it once had, but this ambitious sci-fi shooter still has some punch in it. And it’s usually delivered by its colossal mech ‘Titans’. The game is a lot more robust and complete now, some time after launch, so it’s definitely approved for a good time.

7. Shadow Warrior (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


Assuming you’ll never get tired of Wang jokes, as well as non-stop classic shooter style carnage, then this title is right for you. It’s big guns, big fights and big open areas to explore and find upgrades. Who said the classic shooter is dead? It just got more Wang.

Ok I’m sorry.

6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


Last year’s COD title still stands as one of the most impressive new shooters to date. It’s a fully featured experience, with an active multiplayer scene going on to this day. COD’s full tilt into the near-future sci-fi genre was a bold move, and this game shows that it’s working.

5. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


Another classic shooter style game, this time set in an alternate history with robot Nazis and laser weapons. Amongst the incredibly bombastic gameplay and set pieces resides some excellent graphical detail of guns and environments. You’ll also find a surprisingly well thought-out story, featuring a diverse cast of humane characters and gripping villains. Didn’t expect that in your shooter, did you?

4. Halo 5 (Xbox One)


Some say it’s not quite the ‘must-own’ for Xbox One owners, but it’s a must-own for Halo fans. The next chapter in the Halo saga makes a lot of changes, but it remembers where it’s from and takes us to all-new places. This includes the fun new stuff in multiplayer, and the surprisingly enjoyable 4 player co-op campaign. No need to hunt the truth here, just expect some great shooting fun.

3. Fallout 4 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


It’s time to wander out of the vault again in search of adventure. And more ridiculous PC mods while you’re at it. Arguably the most anticipated title this year, this game has one of the most extensive character creation tools we’ve seen in gaming yet. Including the very creepy Kappa face character. Seriously, look it up.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


Mind-bending campaign story, zany multiplayer action, and/or immersive zombies gameplay. There’s something for everyone, yet again, in this year’s COD title. Seemingly assimilating aspects of all sci-fi shooters, Black Ops 3 creates a delicate balancing act of core COD gameplay with new movement features, and ‘Specialist’ characters. Just watch out for Reapers, cause there’s a lot of them.

1. Destiny (PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360)


There’s never been a better time to jump into Destiny, especially because of The Taken King expansion. It fixes most of what was perceived to be the game’s shortcomings, and delivers an epic connected world sci-fi experience that’s worth revisiting. A ridiculous amount of ever changing quests, and a challenging Raid to keep you grinding constantly. The Taken King is here, and it requires your full attention.

Honorable Mention: Splatoon


Didn’t think I’d leave out my Nintendo brethren, did you? If you own a Wii U, you have to pick up this wacky paint-themed shooter, where you use cool transforming squid characters across vibrant stages. It’s simple enough for anyone to jump into, but with enough depth to keep you hooked. And probably raging about the paint roller too.

Patrick Toworfe

Dedicated gamer, member of the Fighting Game Community and sometimes a hobby photographer. Follow me @JusticeSoulTuna

  • Mr0303

    I’m not a big FPS guy, but I really enjoyed Shadow Warrior and Wolfenstein The New Order. They brought back substantial single player campaigns into the genre with great success.

    • Patrick Toworfe

      I always appreciate how you make fair comments. It’s refreshing, particularly on an article about the dreaded shooters which are ‘ruining the game industry’, haha

  • HoistDude

    Missing from this list is Xenoblade Chronicles X which is 3rd person shooter/RPG and Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water.

    Microsoft and Sony have already stated that their target demographic for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 is single, adult, male gamers over the age of 21 — and it shows. If this demographic sounds like you, then by all means get an Xbox One or PS4. If not, then by all means get a Wii U FIRST.

    Here is why I chose the Wii U recently over the Xbox One or the PS4:

    1. First Party Exclusives: Nintendo Wii U has the best first party exclusive titles. Indeed, most all games for the Xbox and the PS4 are ports of PC games. In contrast, the Wii U has some AMAZING titles with MANY more amazing titles planned for 2016. The above article mentions Star Fox in 2016, but forgets Xenoblade, Fast Racing Neo, SMTxFire Emblem Crossover, Pokken Tournament, Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, The New Legend of Zelda Wii U, and the rumored Metroid Wii U all planned for 2016. Indeed, the author mentions the NX, but even this name is just a codename for something we know nothing about. There is very little chance the NX (whatever it really is) will be released prior to holiday 2017. In the meantime, that means at least two more years of solid development for the Wii U. In the end, neither Sony nor Playstation can compete with the Wii U in quality first party titles.

    2. Local Cooperative Play: Most all games for the PS4 and the Xbox One are ports of PC games. As a result, they are mostly solo play or online play only. There are almost no quality games on the Xbox One or PS4 that support 2–4 local multiplayer. In contrast, the Wii U has a literal plethora of quality games that support both local and online cooperative play. If you like playing with family and friends on the same couch in the same room, then PS4 and Xbox One are NOT the consoles for you. Get a Wii U.

    3. Family Friendly Gaming: Most titles for the Xbox One and Wii U are m-rated for mature. There are very few quality t-rated titles, and even fewer quality E-rated titles. Even the online chat on the PS4 and the Xbox are much more “adult” and are inappropriate for young gamers. Indeed, Xbox and PS4 have given ZERO thought as how to protect young gamers from inappropriate online chat — including online predators. Many of the m-rated titles for Xbox One and PS4 have graphic full frontal nudity in their games. Many others have violence and gore that is borderline demented. In many other games, including many of the most popular games for these systems, players can enter into sexual relationships and engage in graphic sex acts with NPCs of both genders that the players control. Given the high level of graphics for these systems, this looks REAL. Again, many of these games (which are clearly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 21) are sold as BUNDLES for the Xbox and PS4 systems. In contrast, the Wii U has (again) a plethora of QUALITY games that are rated E for everyone or T for teen. There is literally no limit to family-friendly gaming on the Wii U.

    4. FREE online multiplayer: Microsoft and Sony charge monthly subscription fees for online play. These can get expensive and are a “hidden cost” of the system. In contrast, Nintendo online services are FREE. While some complain that online chat is limited on the Nintendo system. I hold there is a clear reason for that — to protect teens and children from inappropriate conversations and communications. There is a reason why well over 90% of porn sites that are visited through gaming consoles are done through the Xbox One and PS4. Indeed, Nintendo has just done a much better job of protecting children in general from inappropriate online content and conversation. Xbox One and PS4 have done almost nothing to protect children in this category.

    5.The Virtual Console: Nintendo Wii U owners have access play games on the virtual console. This allows you to play quality games from past Nintendo consoles, including old NES and SNES games. Want to play any old Castlevania game or Super Metroid? You can on the Wii U.

    6. Better Controllers and Offline TV Play: The gamepad is entirely underrated. It is by far the best controller of this generation for any console. Super comfortable and light, the gamepad opens up a whole new world of gaming experiences with the touch screen and built in motion control. Also, gamepad doubles as a in-house handheld gaming console and allows for off TV play. Dad can watch the football game on the big screen and the kids can still play in the other room. The Wii U pro contoller also has the most battery life of any game controller, up to 80 hours. The directional pad is more accurate than the PS4 and Xbox1 controllers, making the Wii U necessary for retro gaming.

    In conclusion, the Xbox One and the PS4 were made for single, adult, male gamers who like to play PC games by themselves or online only. The Wii U is for EVERYONE else. Unless you are a single, adult, male gamer, there is no reason to NOT get a Wii U first.

    Hope this helps.

  • MrMadakey

    Really… You put last years Call of duty as a recommendation to pick up this holiday season ? Do you actually play any FPS’s at all… Remove the old Call of duty they are a dying breed, especially an outdated one! What you could’ve done is actually put an FPS there at no.1 that actually does matter in the FPS world which is Counter strike. Also the amount of other First person shooters that are out there that are way more fun than the likes of Splatoon… Which I would like to mention is NOT EVEN AN FPS. Seriously, stop!