Tale of Tales is Back With ‘Cathedral-in-the-Clouds’

By Georgi Trenev – 27th October 2015
Tale of Tales is Back With ‘Cathedral-in-the-Clouds’

Not long ago, Tale of Tales announced their bitter departure from making video games. Partially due to the financial failure of Sunset, and more so having to do with the duo’s desires to pursue the interactive medium in other forms, the developers have now unveiled their latest endeavor – Cathedral-in-the-Clouds.

“Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is our most ambitions project ever”, says Michaël Samyn in the beginning of the video pitch – certainly a bold statement to make after misjudging the nature of the studio’s last project. Nevertheless, we’re once again looking at a project being funded via Kickstarter. The nature of the duo’s work this time around is somewhat different though, as they are aiming to produce a collection of art forms (dioramas), all of which depicting scenes created for contemplation.

These dioramas will aim to encompass various religious themes, while being fully explorable and rendered out in 3D form. It is also mentioned that Oculus Rift support is planned, along with many other ways of interacting with the pieces – via web, mobile apps, videos and so on. A more recent update shows the first two dioramas that are being planned – Eve and Maria.

Interestingly enough, all of the produced art will be entirely free for the end consumer, as the developers feel that doing so “should avoid commercial pressure when creating art of this magnitude”. Of course, backers will receive said content early and with a plethora of development updates by the form of blog posts (all dependent on the tier of support of course). 

“Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is intended to be our masterwork. We consider it to be a long term project that we want to continue to work on, perhaps for the rest of our lives. It is the ultimate art piece we want to create. Beyond this we have no desires. I believe we have now achieved the experience and maturity that can enable us to create a work of the magnitude we envision. There is no guarantee that we will succeed.”

The developers are also certain in their decision to work on this project without any external help, stating the following: “We have all the skills and experience needed to pull this of.” 

With 23 days to go, the Kickstarter page shows nearly €7,000 being covered out of the total pledge of €35,000. Of course, whether the project will be a success or not remains to be seen, but it is good to see the studio back in full swing.