Splatoon’s Splatnet Finally Available in English

By Laguna Levine – 7th October 2015
Splatoon’s Splatnet Finally Available in English

Still enjoying Splatoon? Still have friends enjoying it too? Well good news! English speakers now have access to SplatNet, Nintendo’s official stat tracking site that also lets you compare your ranking to friends, check out gear, organize announcements on Twitter about your play times, and even shows which maps will become available. However, this isn’t exactly the launch of the service.

Known as “Squid Ring” in Japan, the service has been available since August 5. I used it as best as I could, but since it was in Japanese, getting other people on board was difficult. The Wii U isn’t all that popular within my non-media social circles, so releasing this almost two months after it’s Japanese launch, with no other big update to lure players back to test it out, makes it feel a little too late. The game is still releasing new weapons and events but my in game friends list has become less squidy, and I myself haven’t been playing as much since the release of Super Mario Maker and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

For the official announcement, check here.