No Man’s Sky Will Blow Your Mind

By Jay Michael – 4th October 2015
No Man’s Sky Will Blow Your Mind

Sean Murray, co-founder Hello Games, showed off the UK-based studio’s super ambitious space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, on The Late Show earlier this week. 

No Man’s Sky has gone from being a relatively unknown entity to one of the most hotly anticipated titles of recent years, a lot of that is down to Murray who, with his warm and passionate presentation style, always manages to impress. Host Stephen Colbert jokingly remarks, ‘I thought Morgan Freeman was God’, of course referring to the 2003 film Bruce Almighty, in which Freeman plays the role of God himself.

It’s absolutely wonderful to see such a small team – as Murray mentions, Hello Games is comprised of just 10 employees – take on such a mammoth task. It’s even better to see that it actually looks like they’re going to make a success of it.

A release date is yet to be confirmed, however, we expect the game sometime next year on PC and PS4. Get ready to name some solar systems after yourself.

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  • If only there weren’t only about 5 different types of planets spread out for the game…

    • Jay Michael

      This is what I’m worried about, if the planets aren’t as varied as they’re claiming they can be, things will get boring fast

      • I’m not worried because I’m definitely sure they won’t be. I’d rather play a game with planets that aren’t randomly constructed, and actually have a lot of work and detail to them. That’s why I«m way more excited for the full release of Rodina then I am with No Man’s Sky.

        • Jay Michael

          That’s always going to be the disadvantage isn’t it, could spend a whole day on No Man’s Sky and discover nothing but boredom