Gameplay Video and Screens: Playing as Animals in WiLD

By Jay Michael – 28th October 2015
Gameplay Video and Screens: Playing as Animals in WiLD

Ever wanted to see the world from an eagle’s perspective? WiLD – an open world adventure from the mind of Rayman creator Michael Ancel – lets you do just that.


In fact, it allows you to take control of a whole multitude of animals. From hares to bears, developers Wild Sheep Studio have got it covered.


The main character of WiLD (pictured below) is a shaman who can spiritually connect with animals and use their powers to help him on his journey. 


Set 10,000 years in the past, the action-survival game will still be in development for a little while yet, however – judging by this gameplay trailer (below) – it’s going to be amazing.

What do you make of Playing as Animals in WiLD? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Mr0303

    Game of the show for me. I can’t see it releasing next year though, given the “indie” studio working on it.

    • Jay Michael

      Me too, pretty original idea, beautiful open world, probably the most passionate demonstration I’ve seen all year as well!

      Agreed on the release though, be lucky to get it next year, early 2017 is far more likely