Reasons to Avoid Amiibo Card Packs and Alternative Options

By Laguna Levine – 25th September 2015
Reasons to Avoid Amiibo Card Packs and Alternative Options

So Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is out in the states. I’ve gotten a lot of time with the Japanese version of the game, so I know you guys will probably enjoy it, at least for awhile. Let’s be honest though: that’s not the only thing some of you were waiting for. Today also heralded the end of days release of amiibo cards, and some of you may have already fought (maybe literally) other fans for your packs. However, for those of you who haven’t, put down that golden axe and pitfall and let’s talk about some alternatives plans in regards to buying amiibo card packs.

Before I get into my list, I want to make a few comments about amiibo cards. Unlike booster packs for, say, trading card games, I don’t see the purpose in owning multiple copies of the same card. This is, perhaps, the biggest reason I feel Nintendo’s made a mistake not only with making a large number of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, but by making them random. If the packs were for regular amiibo, in card form, you could potentially have multiple versions of Smash Bros fighters to train and outfit. I know I’d love multiple Mii Fighters to train!

However, this isn’t the case. Animal Crossing amiibo cards have very few uses. Even rares like Crazy Red and Mabel Able don’t currently unlock skins for anything in Super Mario MakerThat’s for rares of well known characters, and for one time use unlocks. While we know very little about the amiibo function in Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, what little’s been revealed doesn’t make it sound like extras will be highly prized. The only thing I can really think of using the extra amiibo cards for are getting more scratchers in Mario Party 10 or unlocking more games in amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits, neither of which is all that exciting or necessary.

Unlike with a trading card game, those extra cards really won’t see any play. Since they’re side characters, I don’t see them being used in other non-AC games in the near future except in ways that accept any and all amiibo. Even then, most amiibo already have extremely limited use (sorry Ness, it’s true!). 


Let’s be honest though: there’s certainly some characters you’re going to want. What’s the best way to get who or what you want?

  1. Buy singles! I’d wait a few weeks on this for prices to (potentially) go down. This is the easiest and probably cheapest method, especially when combined with….
  2. Import or buy abroad. Remember, these things are region free! The yen’s weak, and we’ve had the cards out for over a month. Most characters can be bought for less than the cost of a pack, especially rares. Also remember that, if you (can) buy Japanese packs, you only get two commons, but the retail price is half of that in the states before the currency conversion. You want to cut back on those unneeded extras if you’re buying packs. Again, this mixes well with…
  3. Buy a few packs, then buy singles. This gives you a small taste of the booster fever, but allows your grown-up side to regain control. I’ve spent maybe $50-$60 on 11 rares and one pack, and I have all the rares I wanted. I’d have more commons if I had bought more packs, but possibly double rares, plus tons of commons I really don’t want or need.
  4. Sell your junk cards. This one might take time, especially for commons, but certain cards (yes, like Bob) actually can sell. You need to do this sooner rather than later though, as the prices will most likely fall as more cards are printed. With that money, you can go up to the first option to get whatever you still want. If things get bad, your only other option is…
  5. Trade! Like baseball cards, the one thing extras are good for is trading them to people who might want them. The problem, at least as an adult, is that this isn’t really an option for me. Younger readers can take advantage of this, or maybe, if you have kids, give them your extras and put the offspring to work securing your new neighbors!