Rashid Rides the Wind Into Street Fighter V

By Voltech44 – 11th September 2015
Rashid Rides the Wind Into Street Fighter V

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has been teasing Street Fighter fans for weeks about an upcoming character reveal, especially since the clues pointed toward a brand new fighter.  Now with the Games 15 convention in Dubai in full swing, Street Fighter V has its second newcomer: Rashid of the Turbulent Wind.

The name suits him well.  Based on his trailer and early gameplay footage, Rashid is a speedy, tricky fighter who uses the wind to launch some crazy attacks.  Whether he’s on the ground or in the air, he looks like he won’t have any trouble dodging fireballs or starting up his offense.  In a way, he’s reminiscent of Street Fighter IV’s El Fuerte mixed with Guy from the Alpha series; with high-flying moves and some shenanigans while running across the ground, he’s got more than enough tools to confuse his foes.  But his wind projectiles might be the real threat; if he locks down his foes with tornadoes small and large, he may leave them wide open and seconds away from a loss.

Rashid’s entry makes him the eleventh of the initial sixteen characters due at the launch of Street Fighter Vand the second of the four proposed newcomers.  If the previously-announced Necalli puts an emphasis on power, and Rashid focuses on speed, then maybe the next reveal will feature a World Warrior with an emphasis on grace and technique.  It’s speculation at this point, though; based on what’s been shown so far with Street Fighter V, anything could happen.  

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