Original Star Wars Trilogy Theatrical Cut To Be Re-Released!

By Nathanael Peck – 19th September 2015
Original Star Wars Trilogy Theatrical Cut To Be Re-Released!

If this is true, bless Disney and those behind the decision. However, if you are behind on the news, I will do my best to fill you in. George Lucas since the moment he has created the original trilogy, has felt the need to go in and redo things. Whether it be new digital shots, the addition of unnecessary scenes or pointless dialogue (the addition of Vader screaming “NOOOOO” when throwing the Emperor over the balcony) whatever it may be, has been regarded as mucking up the beauty that is the original trilogy. It has never truly seen the light of day, and definitely not, in regards to a High Definition transfer. That is until now…

Understandably, that isn’t a whole lot to go on. The re-release has been in talk for years (driven further into discussion after the Disney acquisition). So, it’s fair to say that famous director, John Landis, might be grasping for straws. Empire Magazine went on to say the following…

Well, as helpful as that might be, Lucas won’t be able to come out and confirm it now. All this being said, it’s extremely likely Disney will do this. For starters, it’s the intended way the films showed be enjoyed. Secondly, they have never seen the light of day, especially in a sophisticated format like Blu-Ray. Thirdly, it’s Disney, and money is to be made here!

So, if Disney did bring the original trilogy in it’s true form to home media, would you buy it? Sound off in the comments below!

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    • Mr.Bugbee

      Because han shot first god damnit!!!!

  • BulkSlash

    This really needs the Shut Up and Take My Money gif…

  • Cy

    What I really want is the original 1999 special editions to be re-released. You get all the additional scenes and updated effects without the terrible character substitutions.