Karin Laughs It Up In Street Fighter V

By Voltech44 – 17th September 2015
Karin Laughs It Up In Street Fighter V

It was always a given that Street Fighter V would have new characters, and so far we’ve seen two of the proposed four.  But the way Capcom’s been playing it — by bringing back legacy World Warriors with major revamps — it’s as if some of the franchise’s oldest characters are totally new.  Thanks to the game’s TGS showing, there’s more proof of that than ever — because after a long absence, Karin Kanzuki is back.

The young heiress made her original debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but hasn’t been seen in a game since.  But now that she’s a confirmed returnee for Street Fighter V, she’s got a modified look and a whole new set of tricks.  One of the updates she’s received is a dash move that lets her close the gap and apply pressure quickly, which complements her suite of close-range attacks — and with her V-Skill, she can use a palm thrust to negate projectiles or batter foes.  Karin already has some follow-ups to her moves that can leave opponents guessing, but her V-Trigger takes it up to a fever pitch; she goes back to her Alpha 3 roots and chains multiple, variable attacks together.  Chances are high that once she gets started, she’ll be a tough one to beat.

Karin’s announcement brings the current roster up to twelve, which leaves four more to round out the initial sixteen.  Still, Capcom had more to reveal than another fancy fighter; as part of their eSports initiative, Street Fighter V will be a platform for the Capcom Fighters Network.  This new service and community-building tool will allow players to track stats, interact with fellow players, watch replays, and even build rivalries.  More details are set to come — it is a work in progress, after all — but the groundwork is there for one amazing game.