Football Manager 2016 Revealed

By Jay Michael – 7th September 2015
Football Manager 2016 Revealed

Football Manager 2016 – the latest title in the Sport Interactive series – will release in November of this year. Two portable versions of the game, Football Manager Mobile and Football Manager Touch, are also on their way.

Publisher Sega announced the three titles today claiming that the move signals a more ‘streamlined’ look to the FM franchise.

FM 2016 offers two brand-new game modes, Fantasy Draft and Create a Club, which allow the player to experiment with teams in never before seen ways. Sega posted this detailed summary:

New Game Modes: Take on your mates with ‘Fantasy Draft’ mode – which gives you the chance to build your own dream team and compete in a mini league – or add your own custom-built team to any existing league you choose with the new ‘Create-A-Club’ option.

Manager on Touch-Line: Get closer to the action than ever before with your own customisable character to bark out instructions and join the celebrations from the touch-line.

Improved Match Day Experience: More than 2,000 new animations make the Football Manager 2016 match engine the best ever. There’s also more control when planning set pieces and a new highlights package to keep you up-to-date with all the action from every league.


A look at the Fantasy Draft interface.

Meanwhile, FM Mobile will replace FM Handheld, and a brand-new game, FM Touch – a reworking of the series’ Quick Play Mode – will be made available for download on Steam and high-end tablets.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive boss, says the re-branding brings some much needed change:

“For some time now it’s been clear to us that there is no ‘one size fits all’ football management experience, while a huge number of our fans have the time and dedication required to devote themselves to the ‘full’ simulation, there’s an equally large number who prefer a more streamlined option.”

“Not only that, but the widespread availability of mobile devices means that people are playing in different ways. The introduction of Football Manager Touch as a standalone offering, playable across computer and tablet, means that we now offer something for everyone.”

Sega released this list of features for the mobile version:

Enhanced Tactics: Take greater control of your squad with the introduction of new tactical instructions. You can choose where your team concentrates its passing, as well as selecting your main attacking threat and creative outlet – and even advise your goalkeeper on distribution.

Coaching Staff: Prepare your squad for match days better than ever before with the addition of coaches, providing your team with focused training to prepare for their next big fixture.

Management Style: The introduction of gold, silver and bronze coaching badges allows you to define your own management style. Will you concentrate on improving your defence or attack, or focus on morale and man management? Your decision will influence your team’s style.

FM has long been the king of football management sims and – with its new, more coherent look – it looks as if its reign will last some time yet.

With their unchallenged attention to detail and willingness to keep adding new features, Sports Interactive offer a rich and true football experience unlike anything you’ll find in FIFA and PES.

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