Del Toro is Star Wars Episode 8 Villain

By Jay Michael – 7th September 2015
Del Toro is Star Wars Episode 8 Villain

Benicio Del Toro – The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy – will play a main role in Star Wars Episode 8.

After the news that Rian Johnson (Looper, Breaking Bad, The Brothers Bloom) will write and direct the film, Del Toro has now confirmed, in an interview with Spanish website Rac 1, that he will play a villanous role:

“Star Wars is coming up, we will see how that turns out. I think we start shooting in March. I’m like the villain, but we’ll see.”

The ‘like the villain’ part of that quote is pretty interesting, perhaps Del Toro could be a bad guy who turns out to be not so bad? We’ll have to wait for the film’s release date – May 26, 2017 – to find out.

Meanwhile, Episode 7 arrives in cinemas December 18 of this year, we also get the Rogue One spin-off on December 16, and we have a Star Wars Battlefront game to look forward to; check out this update on Battlefront Beta hoaxes.

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