Colossus Will Be A Bigger Part Of “Deadpool” Than We Think

By Sven Boonen – 20th September 2015
Colossus Will Be A Bigger Part Of “Deadpool” Than We Think

“Colossus is in the film a good amount,” Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld confirms.

X-Men and Deadpool fans alike were slightly disappointed when the giant steel mutant known as Colossus was only briefly featured in the official Deadpool trailer. Seeing how the shown footage of said mutant was seemingly pulled from a single scene, many were left wondering if his role would in fact be substantial, or more of a brief cameo.

At the Amazing Hawaii Comic-Con event this weekend, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld stated that Colossus will be in the film “a good amount”, claiming that fans who saw the exclusive San Diego Comic-Con trailer in Hall H already got to see a little bit more of Colossus than the general public.

“This is the best Colossus ever looked on screen,” Liefeld said. “You are going to love him in Deadpool; he’s in it a good amount.”

Deadpool will hit theaters on February 12th, 2016. 

  • Mr0303

    That is pretty cool. Colossus is one of my favorite X-Men, and I think his serious demeanor with work really well with Deadpool’s kookiness. I think they used him as a replacement of Cable so that they don’t have to explain the time travel. I do hope we see Cable in the sequel.

    • Many claim Colossus to be an underrated X-Man, so I’m excited to see him alongside Deadpool!

      If I do remember correctly, early drafts for a Deadpool sequel included Cable, so fingers crossed! 😀