What Amiibo Do and Don’t Work with Super Mario Maker Costumes

By Laguna Levine – 11th September 2015
What Amiibo Do and Don’t Work with Super Mario Maker Costumes

Being in Japan, I’m blessed with access to many amiibo not yet currently available in English speaking regions (though I also didn’t have any access to retail versions of Gold or Silver Mario). Since the game’s been released, it’s time to go over some information for those who are curious about which amiibo do (and don’t) seem to be compatible with Super Mario Maker costumes in terms of unlockables. 

First, let’s get one big thing out of the way: everything you have in the US and Europe right now (September 11, 2015) is compatible, often with different skins. Yes, Silver Mario is silver, Blue Yarn Yoshi is blue, etc. You can see them all here, but not all the unlock methods. The basic way to unlock most is simply beat the “100 Mario Challenge” on any difficulty. Of course, having a big amiibo collection (and the right collectibles) makes that easier.

First, from the previous page (and the header image), you’ll also note that the amiibo fighters aren’t compatible with the game. That’s a bit disappointing, personally speaking, but oh well. Unsurprisingly, many Amiibo Cards (which are region free), such as Bob the cat, don’t work. However, the Amiibo cards are a bit interesting.


Several cards, like Kapp’n, Resetti, and K.K. Slider do work. However, fan favorites Tortimer, Crazy Red, Sable Able, and others don’t. You’ll notice that most of the Amiibo in the first link are ones receiving a figure. However, as Isabelle got two skins, you can probably guess what the difference is. I doubt her exclusive Amiibo card is the link, but assume that her (either) card unlocks a different skin from her figure, since the card has her traditional dress but the figure is her “winter wear.”

Finally, for those curious about the classic and modern 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo, the figures are essentially the same, unlocking a “big mushroom” that lets you smash most blocks in the game (only in 8-Bit form though- other generations only award bonus points for the ‘shroom). The two mushrooms do look different since they reflect the skin they award (naturally Modern Mario gives you the Modern Mario appearance when you grow, so you can guess what Classic Mario does). What’s slightly interesting about the growth, though, is that, unlike with mystery mushrooms, Big Mushroom Mario can actually wear shell helmets! Also, in Mario Party 10, your figure starts out with the “Mario Jump” token.


Admittedly, this is all tested with the media version of the game used for my review, but I doubt the release version will change it. Yet. We’ve already heard about future DLC, so hopefully my “useless” Mii Fighters will get some love in the near future!