Ubisoft’s Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Receives the 1.7.0 Update

By Chris Carlson – 6th August 2015
Ubisoft’s Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures Receives the 1.7.0 Update

Ubisoft’s mobile hit, Galaxy LifeAdventures received the 1.7.0 update today, which added a new unit, new public event, and worked out some minor kinks. Additional details, concerning the update, can be found below:

The S-trike is a high speed light vehicle designed for fast exploration and burst damage. It is highly effective in large groups.
  • PERSEIDS EVENT – Summer military operation
Major Wor has started a military campaign to test the S-trikes against the players. Each chief will be facing 21 waves of various units they will encounter in every-day battle with appropriate rewards.
  • Reworked in-game assets for a high resolution experience.
  • Units available in warp-gates are no longer lost when the building is destroyed.

Now, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “Just what the heck is Galaxy Life?” It’s Ubisoft’s mobile MMO that has a touch of Clash of the Clans, but a little more cutesy (to say the least). Amidst the squeaks of your Starlings and pews! of their laser gun, you can’t help but smile at the death and destruction you’re causing. While it does contain micro-transactions, as are most of these real time strategy MMO apps, you can easily accomplish everything without having to waste any real world cash. 

At the same time, you can play with your friends and form clans. 

I posted a game-play video below for those who are interesting in downloading the app. The story may be a little cheesy, but if that doesn’t bother you, then go on ahead and watch. While you wait for the video to buffer, what are your thoughts on the update? Any Galaxy Life players here? Let me know in the comments below. 

  • Kiran Luthra

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