Sonic the Hedgehog is Dead

By Jay Michael – 18th August 2015
Sonic the Hedgehog is Dead

With Sonic Boom – perhaps gaming’s worst incarnation of the blue hedgehog’s adventures – plunging the Sonic IP even further into the depths of gaming purgatory, I ask the question; was Sonic doomed from the start.

Well, yes. Yes he was.

The thing that made the original Sonic the Hedgehog so exciting was of course his speed. In the days of Sega vs Nintendo, this made him different. Mario couldn’t replicate the sense of exhilaration a gamer could feel while playing Sonic.

Visually, the game was pretty poor but, gameplay wise, it was absolutely unique. Unfortunately, that very uniqueness is what has led to the speedster’s great demise.

Nobody at Sega was thinking 24 years ahead when the original Sonic the Hedgehog was released back in 1991. Nobody was thinking, ‘Yeah this is great, but in 2015 we might struggle.’ The game was a great idea, a master-stroke, a moment of genius. However, that’s what it should’ve remained.

Initial concept art for Sonic featured him as a chick, a rabbit and even a human. I can quite confidently say that – even though the blue hedgehog design is now absolutely iconic – that the game would’ve sold with any protagonist, quite simply because it’s a good game.

 concept Sonic

And there lies Sonic’s major problem. He has been through major redesign after major redesign, with numerous developers trying to bring him into the 21st century. Let’s make him taller and thinner, let’s give him deep emotions and invent a human love interest for him to pursue.

When will these big companies realize that Sonic doesn’t belong here? That the character is not the problem, that it’s the gameplay, it’s the very essence of what made Sonic great – the rapidity and the simplicity – that they are failing to utilize?

There is a gap in the market, a space for a developer to pick up Sonic and offer him a lifeline simply by telling gamers, ‘Look, there’s no story, there’s no secret behind this world, just get this hedgehog from point A to B as fast as you can and have some bloody good fun doing it.’

This may be a very unpopular opinion, but pretty much every game since Sonic & Knuckles has been woeful. Yes that includes Sonic Adventure 2; which, barring the first City Escape level – possibly one of the best opening sequences in video game history – sucks.

In fact that whole game sums up the Sonic franchise; a fantastic start which is somehow ruined by the introduction of unneeded characters and over-complication. It’s time to get back to basics.

Let’s examine City Escape further, what plot devices are used? What puzzles are involved? What deeper meaning is hidden within? That’s right, none. It’s just good music, fast running, easy-to-kill enemies and an awesome – yet unexplained – truck chase. Until developers get back to making levels like this, we are not going to see a good Sonic game.

As consumers we have demanded more and more from our beloved hero and, at the end of the day, that has led to his downfall. Developers just don’t know what to do to bring this little guy in to the modern-age, to make him new and exciting; The heartbreak of it is, he was already perfect in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sonic the Hedgehog is dead, but that’s not to say he can’t be resurrected.

Sonic Is Dead 2

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  • Well, to be frank, Sonic Boom wasn’t the worst game he was ever in, I mean Adventures DX reached a shitness level that Boom dreams to one day reach. Then there is 06, DX 2, Shadow The Hedgehog, but then we get beautiful things like Sonic: Colors, or even that one with the 2D and 3D elements, which make it worth it. Also, Sonic Team has enough money to keep making shitty reencarnerations of Sonic.

    • Jay Michael

      Sonic Boom was okay if not for the frame rate, I don’t know about you but my game was dropping way below 60FPS throughout the whole thing, it just felt unfinished.

      That’s the real shame of it, that Sonic Team can just publish whatever they like and know it will sell on the back of Sonic being an icon.

      I just think it won’t be long before he goes the way of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter

      • To be honest, I wouldn’t like that, because sure 90% of their games suck, but I still amire the ones that are at least “good”, and everyone can still have some fun with the ones that suck, if not making fun by how much they do.

        • Jay Michael

          I guess colors wasn’t bad and generations was a little better than most (Awful plot/voice acting though). I’m the same, I would never want Sonic to disappear, I just think the IP deserves more than it’s getting

          • A competent team would be a nice start.

          • Jay Michael

            Yeah man, that’s pretty much all it would take. A team who actually want to pull it off and can pull it off

  • Parachutes 000

    Everybody keeps making topics about the franchise being dead….but your still talking about him, so Sonic must still be relevant or am I missing something?????

    • Jay Michael

      He’s relevant because he’s failing. That’s the problem. Everybody still talks about Crash Bandicoot and he’s been gone for years!

      Sonic needs to be relevant for the right reasons as he’s fast becoming the poisoined chalice of gaming

      • Parachutes 000

        Right and I love sonic but its not like he has to be failing if sega or sonic team would pay attention to there sales or reception roller coaster over the past years and stick to what actually worked, but they love to change things up but only dig themselves a deeper grave.

        • Jay Michael

          Correct you are, they always feel the need to re-ivent Sonic into something new and exciting but he’s always been exciting from the start! Just keep the good!

  • Midnightmeowth


  • Theob Vious Choice

    There is a common misconception about the original Sonic games. It wasn’t the speed that made them great, it was the momentum. If the game was just going fast, it’d be boring as hell. There were obstacles that got in your way, but also scarce speed-assists. The game was not good because of the speed, yes; going fast was fun, but it was fun because it wasn’t constantly there. You had to run, build up momentum, charge up your spin-dash, the longer you ran the faster you went *up to the speed cap*.
    When you play a game like super mario bros, then go to a game like Sonic 2, you immediately recognize how fluid the physics are and how Sonic feels neither too floaty or too heavy. Admittedly, Sonic Adventure did a fairly decent job for a first attempt. Mixing platforming with speed, if they had managed to keep the flow similar to Sonic 2, SA1 would have been the precursor to an amazing franchise.

    Instead, they put in Angst The Hedgehog and a ton of other pointless characters, decided it was all about speed, made Sonic incredibly cocky and douchey instead of the quiet, attitude filled guy he used to be. Jason Griffith and the Sonic X phase between 2004-2009 was basically the dark age of Sonic. Nowadays Sonic is played by Roger Craig Smith, admittedly however suckwind the Sonic Boom games are, I do appreciate the aesthetic that Sonic Lost World brought, and I think Roger Craig Smith is the best Sonic voice actor since Jaleel White.

    What Sega needs to do, is create a simple Sonic game, one with momentum as the focus, working into blaring speeds; using the terrain to boost, ration the speed so it feels more special and enjoyable. The rush you got going down a long slope in Sonic 2 is amazing, and that was something that was pretty scarce.

    Sonic needs to be about the momentum, and they should split the canon again. Sonic Boom can still exist, Modern Sonic should definitely still exist and they should perfect what was created in SA1, and Classic Sonic should be in games with better physics. Emphasis on momentum rather than just speed is what will save Sonic’s gameplay, it’s really, really simple. Split-canon for 3 different demographics, 3D/2D gameplay with momentum as the primary feature, Sonic can be great again; lets hope 2016 SEGA is really reeling in pain so they do bring themselves back to being a reputable “brand” again.

    This won’t happen though, I have no faith it will.

    • Jay Michael

      Man this is possibly the best reply I’ve ever had to an article. You’re very much right in the fact that modern Sonic games do lack the ability to build momentum.

      In the first Sonic, choose the right path, hit the right objects, and you can complete the earlier courses in seconds. Fail to do so and it can take you minutes!

      More recent Sonic games seem to have strayed away from this idea though, you’re right on that too. With wider worlds coming into play.

      I think Sonic Team, or whoever is going to develop future games, needs to take a good look at Rayman Legends. Beautiful 2D Environments, fast gameplay etc. In fact, the speed-run challenges in Rayman Legends are pretty much the perfect template for a sonic game

      • Theob Vious Choice

        Absolutely, it was pretty sad; I’ve been into video games for almost my whole life now, and the first character I really got into was Sonic. Weirdly enough, the first Sonic game I ever played was Sonic 3D Blast, however weird that game was I liked it, lol. Then I got Sonic 2 and I was absolutely hooked, the gameplay design in the Sega games is truly masterful, I personally think the people in charge of Sonic should spend a week at least, most of their time will consist of analyzing the earlier Sonic games, seeing what worked and what didn’t. Because it’s kind of obvious where the franchise went off kilter, Sonic Adventure. I loved that game, it was awesome for it’s time and I personally think the “grittiness” in the series should have capped there.

        I personally think the whole split-canon of Sonic Boom should have been what happened with Sonic Adventure. SA would have been a spinoff of the primary canon, they’d continue making Sonic games, but they’d also release Sonic Adventure and “modern Sonic” themed games on the side. That way they’d have never alienated their fanbase, and hell; with that combination, the Dreamcast probably would have lasted longer, long enough to get more games localized and for other games to finish production.

        Sadly, this is all but a dream, lol. Beyond that, I rather enjoyed Sonic: Lost World, despite it being a Super Mario Galaxy ripoff, I really liked how they nailed the old school checkerboard high-contrast aesthetic, rather than the realistic and gritty type post-06′. The sense of humor is corny as hell, but it reminds me a bit of the goofy cartoon. If they keep Roger on board as Modern Sonic and start to “get” what made Sonic great, that’d be the easiest way for them to start making stacks again, lol.

        Beyond that, SEGA publicly apologized for “betraying their fans” and went on and on about how they made incredibly stupid decisions recently, before confirming there’s stuff in the works for 2016. If there is any time for SEGA to redeem themselves it’s at TGS on September 17th. If they don’t pull it off this time, they never will; this is quite literally their last chance to shine before everyone just stops caring, even the kids.

        • Jay Michael

          You know it must be a sad state of affairs when a clearly devoted Sonic fan such as yourself believes it is SEGA’s last chance.

          The spin-off idea alongside a main-series is such a good idea. I guess SEGA thought people would get bored of the same old Sonic games but look at Pokemon: Yes there are a whole load of spin-offs but the main series games themselves follow exactly the same format with slightly altered plots!

          I’ve got to say some of the visuals in recent Sonic games have been really well done, particularly in Lst World as you say. It’s just a shame the games haven’t held up to their appearance.

          A fresh start is needed. Sonic has been re-invented more times than anyone and it just never works.

          Hell a straightforward remaster of the original wouldn’t be a bad idea, perhaps with added levels etc? Keep it 2D, hand-draw the environments like in Rayman Legends, make momemtum a key factor again… That would get people interested in the franchise again.

          It’s probably the easy way out, but just imagine how good a foundation it would lay for future Sonic titles to build upon

          • Theob Vious Choice

            Yeah, exactly. The sad thing is, even when considering the modern Sonic games that were “good”, there are some pretty good ideas, then they just don’t stick with any of them. They just go and reinvent the character again and again, instead of sticking with what’s good. Sonic needs a fresh start, absolutely, but that fresh start has to continue on the track it’s begun with and improve and innovate on things that actually worked.

            I mean, Pokemon is a great example, I mean, another one is Kirby. When Kirby transitioned to 3D, they just made a 2.5D Sidescroller with Polygon graphics, it was a tried and true Kirby game. It was just making use of the new software, heh. I dunno, we’ll see, despite this being SEGA’s last chance imo, I have more faith than I’ve had since 2003, because this is the first time they’ve publicly owned up to it, I doubt they’ll succeed at it, but this is the last time I’m going to hope, lol.

          • Jay Michael

            Well you have games like Generations that did some things pretty well, presentation wise (although I’ve only played the PC version) it was gorgeous and suited Sonic really nicely.

            It was a pretty good formula, it just had a lot of problems, if SEGA could fix those then there’s no reason why they can’t make a Sonic game at least comparable to the original.

            Yes Kirby is an excellent example. The switch was seamless and they found the birthday balance between keeping what was good and improving what the new tech would allow them to improve. Let’s hope that, for fans like you especially, SEGA actually manage to pull something out of the bag

          • Theob Vious Choice

            Absolutely, I rather liked Generations, personally there are a good number of issues under the hood with that one, but for what it was; I enjoyed it. I mean, it’s amusing; I wasn’t all that into Mickey Mouse when I was a kid. I was more into Felix the Cat, and Sonic kind of felt like the video game iteration of Felix back in the old games, lol.
            The PC version of Generations is objectively the best, especially since there are mods that put new levels in the games. The most welcome addition mod-wise is easily the new physics engine, makes the game feel much more fluid, and significantly faster without sacrificing length. I’d say that gives the PC version at least 1 point, maybe 2 over the original version, plus; graphics rehauls are always nice, haha.

          • Jay Michael

            Yeah me too man, issues aside, I got it dirt cheap on the Steam sale so for what I paid it was a pretty decent game. Haha yes, Sonic was very much the underdog and I think that won a lot of people over.
            Isn’t it just a shame that SEGA can’t see these mods and think wow, look at this, we can use stuff like this to improve in the future

    • Cassie Devereaux

      I mostly agree, but I’d like to put out there that hand in hand with momentum was flow. Really, the one serves the other….. if you hit the right flow, you keep the momentum going, but to me, the aesthetic comes from the arcing movement of the character through his environment.

      • Theob Vious Choice

        Exactly, the momentum created the flow though, if it were all just speed and no momentum, there would be no flow. It’d just be a game where Sonic is running fast and occasionally using a homing attack to do combos. Meanwhile, the way it worked was using the momentum built up from running, jumping forward on a slope, turning into a ball, hitting a target manually and using the propulsion from hitting that target to shoot you forward, creating an intricate and awesome flow in a game.

        Sadly everything feels really rigid, they got rid of flow and momentum and just went all out with speed. I think it was largely a mix of misunderstanding game mechanics and an attempt to distance Sonic from Mario. Sadly, Sonic went in one extreme and hasn’t come back since.

        • Cassie Devereaux

          Absolutely. And that flow CAN be done….. and you see some understanding of that in the rail grinding from SA2 onward. The rise of skate/snowboarding games in the 3D era, while a different genre, are an example of how well that kind of feel CAN work in a 3d environment IF it’s designed well. Sure, it’s not a perfect analogy, but the feel of momentum and flow in, say, Tony Hawk (the good ones) is the right kind of feel for Sonic. The inclusion of rails shows that they KIND of got it, but they stopped at appropriating the gimmick instead of deeper level design implementation.

  • AlkalineHeat

    “Visually, the game was pretty poor” This tells me you did not play Sonic in 1991. When it came out for the Genesis, Sega’s 16 bit system in June 1991 the graphics were state of the art and it was a big selling point for the game/console, By comparison Nintendo had not yet released super Mario World or the Snes their first 16 bit system.

    • Jay Michael

      I played Sonic on the Sega Mega Drive but, to be fair to you, I am probably looking back on the game with eyes tainted by the modern age!

      I was born in 1993, so although Sonic may have even been the first game I ever played, the first real games I am old enough to have detailed memories of are Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot, both 3D and both pretty beautiful, perhaps that’s why.

      But yes I do agree with you, that’s an error on my part

      • AlkalineHeat

        Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder so it’s just an opinion. But I agree that by comparison to the Nintendo 64 era. Sonic and other 16 bit games look dated. I grew up on Atari and NES. So I distinctly remember when my friends older brother ran into house waving the cartage excitedly. We were all blown away by the graphics of Sonic the hedgehog. … now I feel old. I think ill take a nap.

        • Jay Michael

          Well said, man

  • Analyze Better.

    “It’s just good music, fast running, easy-to-kill enemies and an awesome – yet unexplained – truck chase. Until developers get back to making levels like this, we are not going to see a good Sonic game.”
    >Sonic Colors
    >Sonic Generations
    >even most of Sonic Lost World
    And Sonic Boom wasn’t even made by Sonic Team. Yes, SEGA approved it, but that’s because they own the IP. They need to just let Sonic Team figure things out themselves. As far as I’m aware, Sonic Team’s been making decent Sonic games for 5 or 6 years now, and SEGA just ruined that with Boom.

    • Jay Michael

      My gripe with Sonic Colors etc is the plot/cutscenes/voice acting, why are they needed? The voice acting (and the script writing for that matter) in Sonic Generations is some of the worst I’ve ever heard

  • Stephanie Smith

    I actually like Sonic boom, but I think I tend to like unpopular games, I liked sonic the werehog and shadow the hedgehog too

    • Jay Michael

      Woah! No to be fair, I like Shadow the Hedgehog but I mainly think that’s just because I was young and thought he looked cool. Looking back at it now it’s just awful for me.

      I think Sonic Boom could be ok, but the frame rate was so bad. Whether that was just my experience I don’t know? But it dropped below 60FPS for most of the game!

  • Jacob Mirdjani

    “Visually, the game was poor.” WHAT?! Sonic 1 had fantastic graphics which were better than super mario bros! What the hell are you talking about?!

  • Phono Current

    Nintendo needs to get Team Sonic back on F-Zero. Because it`s about going fast and not pandering to a autistic fanbase.

    • Christopher

      Sega helped Nintendo with F-Zero GX.

  • James Deep

    Wait…………”pretty much every game since Sonic & Knuckles has been woeful”??? Honestly, I completely disagree. For one Sonic & Knuckles was one of the worst of the original 2D Sonic games to come out in the 90s along with Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast and Tails Adventure and all the horrible Game Gear games. Sonic just didn’t translate well on the Game Gear and even though it originally had better graphics than the Gameboy the Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid, Megaman and Pokemon games were far better in quality. Let’s not pretend the original Sonic games were perfect or Sega would still be selling consoles today and Mario wouldn’t have gone on to become the most popular video game character in history. They were good but as somebody who played them when they first came out I think the nostalgia of them makes people believe they were better than they were. I thought Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap were better but the rest of the games in those series failed to live up to those two.

    Personally, I liked Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed (minus the werewolf levels), Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 and 2 were not bad either and when you take away the storyline and the difficulty Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) had some good levels. I would like to see them make a Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Generations 2 and a Sonic Colours 2.

    The worst Sonic games for me were Sonic and the Lost Rings, Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Boom. The first one had the worst controls of any Sonic game I have played to date and the long story parts (which you can’t turn off) made it extremely boring. Sonic Boom has its faults but hell, at least that game was playable and there wasn’t already four copies of it on the shelf when I took it to a pawn shop.

    With that being said, I haven’t seen a good Mario 3D game since Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The Galaxy games took away all the elements that made the first two games great and Super Mario 3D World was a letdown.

    • Jay Michael

      You are right that the rose-tinted-nostalgia glasses probably give the original Sonic games a little more credit than they deserve. But, for a first attempt at a console mascot to challenge Mario, Sonic was pretty much perfect. He was edgy, different, fast and his game played a lot differently to anything Nintendo had to offer.

      That’s a pretty big list. Obviously, as in the article I don’t agree with the Sonic Adventure games – again I think nostalgia plays a part in thinking these games were actually good. I agree that minus the werewolf levels Sonic Unleashed was okay but that means half of the game sucked. The racing games were a bit of a sell out, they were very pretty and very well made, but any games studio should be able to build a good racing game by just copying Mario Kart. I hated Sonic the Hedgehod (2006) it was so weird D: the hub world was so strange and broken although I remember the visuals being pretty good! And I remember a level near the start which had killer whales leaping out of water as you sprinted past which I must say was awesome (If completely random)

      I have to disagree with you on Galaxy, I’ve never really been an avid Mario fan – my first console was a SEGA Mega Drive and from then on I was brought on Playstation, of course I had a gameboy but that was just for Pokemon – but that game was enough to persuade me to buy a Wii and I have to say I think it was worth it. The level design, the new ideas all tied in perfectly with the Mario universe and I think Sonic could learn a thing or two from innovation like that: Hell they tried to clone Galaxy with Sonic: The lst world

  • Sonic is far from dead. He’s had a couple games thay turned out bad but its an over exaggeration to say he’s dead. He’s still popular regardless, you can’t justify any of this simply because Boom flopped.

    I’m no big Sonic fan myself, honestly I only have two Sonic games: Sonic Heroes and Shadow The Hedgehog for my PS2, which are still good games. And at one point I had Unleashed but never cared for it, and back when I was younger a buddy of mine brought over his Gamecube and I beat SA2 which was ok overall.

    People tend to jump on the hate train for the most obscure reasons.

    • Jay Michael

      He’s still popular, yes. But so is Crash Bandicoot! I suppose what I’m saying is, Sonic is at a standstill, he’s in a rut that, unless he somehow escapes, could lead to the death of his franchise.

      If you think Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog are good you need to go and play the original Sonic games and see how much better they are!

      • No offense, but thats a horrible comparison. The two don’t compare.

        Yes Crash is a beloved character but he’s in a worse situation compared to Sonic.
        He’s jumped from multiple developers and publishers over the years, hasn’t had a decent game on over five years and is in a state of limbo with nothing planned at the moment from his current owners at Activision.

        Compared to Sonic, who’s had more games than Crash, been around longer, undoubtedly more popular and successful and always has a new game every year or so and still is regarded in high esteem.

        He’s not in a rut, if you think Boom justifies that claim I recommend looking again.

        Based on what you’ve said, its obvious that you have no interest or respect for any newer console Sonic games, still holding onto the old 2D games In high regard.
        I highly recommend you start looking into more new, modern games today and try to look at things from a different viewpoint.

        Next, no. The old Sonics don’t compare to the modern games. Thats completely ridiculous to say or even think that. Its like saying Pong is better than the Wii. Or that the first Smash Bros is better than Brawl or SSB4.

        Are they still regarded as classics? Of course. Are they better than the newer games with todays updated gaming technology and graphical capabilities?
        Gods no! Its utterly silly to think like that. You have to learn to see that there are more good games past the Genesis.

        And to clarify, while StH and Heroes are the only Sonic games I personally own it doesn’t I haven’t had the chance to play other games that my friends have. I’ve played the original Sonics. They are good yes, but far from the best.

        • Jay Michael

          What I’m saying is Sonic could easily end up on that path, of being passed from developer to developer, of struggling to find a place, of an eventual state of limbo. He’s been re-invented so many times to the point that, if they do manage to make a great game, not as many people will be willing to try it.

          You’re correct, I do have no respect for any of the newer Sonic games. That’s because they’re all cash-ins on a beloved character. Sega themselves have admitted that they’re sorry for using the hedgehog’s name to rip-off fans. Basically, Sega come up with an idea for a game and stick Sonic on the box to make sure it sells.

          I’ve tried to open up to newer games, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, but they just don’t live up to expectations.

          You can’t just disregard Sonic Boom. It’s a major release in the series and therefore the series must be judged with that as a part of it. You cannot release a game and then say ‘Oh well we know that game sucked but we don’t really count it as part of the franchise so whatever.’

          How can you compare those things? Pong and the Wii have absolutely no relevance whatsoever. Sonic on the Mega Drive and Sonic of the modern-age may not be from the same era but they are part of the same brand, the same history. If they’re not linked at all, then why does Sonic Generations even exist? Generations exists because SEGA realize they got something right within the first game and they need to somehow recapture it.

          Of course the older Sonic games don’t stand up graphically to the modern games, but development wise they absolutely destroy them.

          The point is, that the original Sonic squeezed absolutely everything it could out of the console it was made for. SEGA poured sweat in blood into that game to make sure they gave gamers what they deserved. Nowadays, they have no regard for gamers but only for profit. They’ll slap Sonic on any old piece of junk to sell it to us and, because we remember him with such fondness, we’ll go out and buy it

          • Well you’ve practically said he’s dead and on that path throughout the article. So he’s had several video games, but not re-invented so to say. Sonic 06 was supposed to be a reboot of sorts, but nothing like that has ever truly happened.

            Again, you’ve already pointed out yourself that you have no respect for any 3D Sonic game, then go on to say they don’t live up to any expectations in general.
            After pointing out bluntly you are bias towards any Sonic game not on a 2D scale I can’t take that comment seriously or realistically.

            You clearly hate every Sonic game that’s 3D so you have no right to judge any of them because its going to be unfair right off the bat.

            Who ever said to disregard Boom? The third and final game from the Sega-Nintendo partnership was already going to be a disaster. It was noted by developers to be rushed, gameplay was repetitive, we could go on and criticize it realistically but I know that you already despise it because of its nature.
            Boom was meant to be its own series separate from the main Sonic universe, to appeal to children of a more Western audience. No idea why, because Sonic was already more “Western” in nature. Besides the fact it was made by a different studio from the regular Sonic series, there are many factors to consider.

            Once again, you are making terrible comparisons that have no relevance and trying to copy what I wrote. And failing miserably at it. Generations exist as an anniversary game, and its good. Sonic Colors, Lost Words, Generations, I could name several more if you like that are good games, but knowing you, I doubt you will show any acknowledgment because of the strong bias you hold.

            Not just graphically, but development wise the new Sonic games dominate over the older ones. Are they still classics? OF course. Are they better overall in both gameplay quality and graphics? No.

            Once again, you are awful at comparisons or making points.
            Not to mention, you have a biased against Sonic games that operate on a 3D plane, you have no right to judge when you are stuck in nostalgia-land and show no respect whatsoever or open-minded enough to get with the times.

            You have made no real points throughout this entire conversation and that “article” that was a raging complaint above all, expect for one simple fact I cannot stress enough:

            You have a strong bias against any 3D Sonic game and because of that, you refuse to acknowledge or show respect to them and their quality and work put into them.

            Point being, you have to real reason to be viewed as someone to review them or judge them critically and realistically because you will hate it right simply for existing on a 3D plane. You have no real credibility here.

          • Jay Michael

            I don’t hate Sonic simply for being 3D. My praise for the first level in Sonic Adventure 2 proves that I believe Sonic can work on a 3D plane.

            What I dislike, is the introduction of pointless characters, Rouge the Bat? Did that game really need – poorly implemented – Rouge the Bat levels? And the feeling that Sonic for some reason needs a deep-rooted, world-saving, reason to exist? Why does he need human love interests? Why does he need to be so cocky? Why does he even need to speak? He’s a hedgehog who can run fast… Why does he need to be built up as the greatest hero we’ve ever known? This isn’t Metal Gear Solid, this is Sonic the Hedgehog… He doesn’t have to save the world, he doesn’t need pointless characters interfering with the action, characters who add nothing to gameplay and in fact detract from the action.

            Once again take the example of Mario, do you think I’d criticize that IP existing on a 3D plane? No. Because Nintendo have got everything right. No over-complicated plots, no terrible voice acting, no bigging-up Mario as anything more than he actually is.

            The state of Sonic is summed up by one simple fact: Nintendo have taken pity on him. The character, who was once their greatest rival, has now become someone they can throw into their games – Super Mario Maker etc – in order to get a little PR boost, and you can’t say that’s not sad.

          • Again I have to repeat myself. Everything you say contradicts yourself.
            Let me remind you of the words you have said:
            “pretty much every game since Sonic & Knuckles has been woeful”
            “You’re correct, I do have no respect for any of the newer Sonic games.”

            Once again, you’ve made it very clear you are outright bias against anything Sonic that goes past the Genesis.

            And stop putting words in my mouth, I never said you criticize every game on a 3D plane, you only have no respect for 3D Sonic. So stop trying to avoid the subject by putting false accusations on me for things you say.

            I can’t stress this enough, every time you try to make a point or a comparison is has absolutely no relevance and makes no sense whatsoever.

            You can’t compare Sonic to MGS, that’s plain stupid.
            Within that cluster of a paragraph is you literally complaining about basic video game plot elements featured in practically every video game save for the comments on Sonic’s personality and Rouge.

            Just how devoid of video games are you? Do I need to make a list of games that have simple plot elements that you seemingly don’t understand and complain about? Why compare it to MGS when its clearly a story-drive game? I see you don’t even play Metal Gear either.

            Everything you say is plain silly! You ramble about the simplest things that have nothing to do with the topic!

            Again, a really stupid comparison. Nintendo practically makes the same game 99% of the time. Mario has nothing to do with this so stop trying to run away from the subject by talking about different things.

            How many times to I need to say this? STOP AVOIDING THE SUBJECT BY MAKING POOR COMPARISONS.

            Its hard to have a decent conversation with you because you are stupidly bias and contradicting all over yourself left and right.

          • Cassie Devereaux

            I definitely feel that SEGA post-Sammy acquisition has seen it lost all integrity, and only a fool would say that SEGA circa ’91 and SEGA circa ’05 is the same company in any meaningful way.

            I also think it’s worth noting that 16 Bit Sonic was the vanguard for a new technology, that for the first time showed what 16 bits could REALLY do, beyond larger and/or crisper sprites. I do think it’s worth acknowledging that it will never, ever be that again.

            I think our generation (assuming we’re both old enough to have played the first game back in the day) has a very different perspective than kids today. We remember when Sonic led the pack, posed a serious threat to Mario. We thought they would go head to head, and Sonic would win. Obviously, this didn’t happen. Frankly, Nintendo is just the better company. The better company won, even though I still dream in SEGA blue. At least, they’ve been a gracious victor.

            Kids today…. they don’t have the perspective we have. I think it’s worth trying to understand what brought them aboard, and what makes them loyal to a franchise that they never experienced leading the field. I’m not sure I understand it completely myself, but there’s SOMETHING there that appeals to them. Honestly, I’d really love to understand it. It would be easy to say they just have poor taste, but I don’t think that’s is.

            As for Generations….. yes, he spoke and yes, the silly other mascots were present. BUT they were kept minimal, and I think that there’s some genuinely terrific gameplay there. I like the classic levels, and I think the modern levels managed to merge the best of City Escape type levels with bits on the 2D plane. No, it’ll never replace the originals in MY heart, but I think it was a huge step in the right direction. Colors looks really good too…. I definitely need to track down a copy.

            Can’t speak for ’06, Shadow, Werehog, etc. Never played ’em.

            What did you think of playing as Tails or Knuckles in S3&k? They’re not my go-to, but I find them a fun alternative.

        • Cassie Devereaux

          The tech doesn’t make a game better. The design does.

          • Well thats just a no-brainer. Do you not read anything?

          • Cassie Devereaux

            Ooookay, but you said “Are they better than the newer games with todays updated gaming technology and graphical capabilities? Gods no! Its utterly silly to think like that.”

            So it’s “utterly silly” to suggest tech doesn’t make a game better, but it’s also a no-brainer to contradict it? *confused*

            I mean, you’re accusing Jay of contradicting himself, but this….? This is a pretty egregious contradiction.

          • Ok there seems to be a mix-up. Let me explain:

            If you read the “article” he wrote here or my own conversation with him on several occasions he’s stated that he has no respect whatsoever and is bias against any Sonic game past Sonic & Knuckles 3. So practically he despises anything past the Genisis Sonic-wise.

            Read other comments he’s written in response to other people, any other Sonic game someone brings up as their favorite or other games considered newer he will dismiss all of them and say that the rest are practically terrible and that S&K3 is superior.

            See my point on that? He has no interest or respect whatsoever for any Sonic game beyond the Genisis.
            Now onto that comment on the tech.

            Yes, while modern game tech, graphics, all that do not justify a good game, in the case of the first three Sonics it sort of is.
            Are they still good games? Of course. Are they better than Generations or Colors? The modern Sonic games that built up upon that gameplay and improved it? No.

            Do you see where I’m getting at?

      • Cassie Devereaux

        The difference between the two is that Sonic is a multimedia property. So when games are weak (as is the status quo these days) there are still cartoons, comics, and assorted merch keeping the property afloat. So he can weather bad games much better than Crash. BUT, I’m not sure that can last forever. Sonic Boom needs to be a wake up call. But, it won’t be.

        • Jay Michael

          This is a very good point, I think his comic series is the longest running for a game character? So there’s not much chance of that slowing down. And merch-wise, his face will always sell either via nostalgia to people who’ve played his games, or, to a younger audience, via the fact he’s just a cool looking character.

          I agree completely.

          • Christine

            Yep. SEGA’s CEO took tons of feedback from Sega of America, hoping to make this an international hit. The head of SoA was Tom Kalinske, who came from Mattel. He approached Sonic from the point of view of his experience in the toy business, reviving the Barbie brand, building others such as He-Man. So, we have people who jumped on board the Sonic Games, ones who were introduced through the comics, and ones who came on board through any of the many Sonic cartoons over the years. It was a really good strategy. I just wish we had more quality in the games. (That said, Generations was really well received as was Colors, and the All Star Racing games are as well, so it’s not all bad news on the games front).

  • Cassie Devereaux

    They definitely need to simplify. Sonic should never have talked, and we need no more plot than given in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which did a good job with minimal storytelling that didn’t slow down the gameplay.

    • Jay Michael

      YES, why does he need to talk? Why does there need to be a massive, world-threatening reason for Sonic to have to use his abilities?

      • The Autism Detector

        Seriously. Fuck Dialogue. Sonic always seemed way more bad ass to me as seen as a Silent protagonist.

        • Jay Michael

          Agreed, he was cool before they tried too hard to make him cool

  • Tyler Lloyd

    Some of the games in the early 2000’s like adventure 2 battle and shadow the hedgehog we actually good. Sonics design has been awesome why the hell they keep changing him I’ll never know. I don’t believe he s dead. But He deserves a better reboot than sonic boom

    • Jay Michael

      I guess they feel under pressure to make things new and interesting when really they had something pretty amazing in the first place

  • Speedy

    Hello, you defaming assholes. You all fall over Sonic while you literally NEVER bat an eyelid to games from other franchises. Heck, you even give WORSE games perfect scores. You should be banned of the internet for this or be ashamed of yourselves for pretending you are professional reviewers while just trying to bring franchises you don’t like down. Sonic is NOT dead. And if he is, the murdering weapon is DEFAMATION I.E. the critics talked him dead. >:(

    (I’m sorry, I couldn’t control my rage anymore. Seeing critics being biased in favor of HALO and AC. Reading your article made me lose it. I hope you understand)

    • Jay Michael

      No I completely understand Speedy, I remember reading an article on why there’s no point in bringing back Crash Bandicoot and going absolutely nuts.

      I guess the sad truth of it is that, even if a fairly good Sonic game hits the market, a lot of people won’t even try it because they expect it to be bad.

      I remember seeing trailers for Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Heroes thinking wow those look amazing, then I played them both and was totally underwhelmed.

      The first game I got for my PS3 was the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog and I just couldn’t understand what was happening, why was there a human love interest? Why were the environments so realistic when they were being inhabited by a blue hedgehog? I didn’t understand why Sonic needed to be this world-saving hero, why does such a simple character need a plot that would fit an epic movie?

      Sonic Riders was the same, my big brother got me that for Christmas, the box art was beautiful, the new character Jet the hawk looked cool as anything and I just couldn’t wait to play it. Once again, I was underwhelmed, the story was garbage, the gameplay was broken and the difficulty was ridiculous.

      After years and years of playing under-par games like that, I kind of gave up on Sonic, and I think a lot of other people have.

      Please don’t think that I hate the series, there’s nothing more I’d love than seeing him have a top class title – I’m not talking slight improvements like Generations and Colors – I’m talking a real big success, a game that comes out and everyone just thinks WOW Sonic is back, this is the real deal.

      I guess I am defaming Sonic, but the problem is that in my mind he has became infamous for disappointing me. Maybe if things had turned out another way – say my brother had bought me Generations one Christmas rather than Riders – then I would feel differently about it the whole thing but unfortunately that’s not the case.

      But honestly man, no need to apologise, I totally get how it feels when someone criticizes a franchise you love.

    • Pokeye

      sammy? is that u?

  • H3adHunt3r

    Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 in my opinion was the golden age of Sonic,
    when they did the 3D gameplay of Sonic right.

  • Guilherme tavares santos

    Another Stupid ‘Sonic is dead’ Article ,I’m really tired of this -_-

  • kitty

    first of all yall stupid and he was sleepy. it was in a episode and you can look at it yall dumb.