Pitching a Video Game Idea for Hot Wheels

By Jalane Farrington – 12th August 2015
Pitching a Video Game Idea for Hot Wheels

Personally, racing games have an opportunity to evolve since more game engine tools can provide realistic environments and effects. Already, developers have optimize the abilities for folks to customize their personal vehicles with more add-in features. Unfortunately, the popular racing franchises still lack some depth.  Honestly, they don’t have a memorable story, except going back to participating in grand or universal tournaments. Although they have made and improve the routes within cities and landscapes to blend with the environments, the interactive maps may slightly feel a change in the atmosphere by lighting and rain condition.  Yet, these developers are still implementing new ideas toward online experiences, since the general audience is more drawn to socializing with online participants.

However, I strongly believe that prospective consumers may choose a video game that appeals to be quite original in its overall story and gameplay design. Therefore, I’m pitching an idea that incorporates Hot Wheels brand. Why Hot Wheels? Overtime, this brand has sold toys and even a cartoon television show with familiar characters. As such, some folks might recognize or have heard of Vert Wheeler; he’s the main protagonist for some or all of their cartoon shows.  In my opinion, I would like to have a serious but motivational background story on Vert Wheeler.

Getting started on the prologue, Vert Wheeler is taught how to drive his first car by his father. As such, players will need to stop at lights or signs before reaching the destination (his home around the block). Though we see a nice touchy scene, our next mission is to race to his school, using all routes while avoiding to get a speeding ticket. Of course, there’s traffic, so he’ll need to use the right streets to sparsely make it on time. Although he’s warn by his teacher or an adult figure, audiences will experience a drunken driving event from a party. The drunk driving experience will be an educational factor as several folks want to recreate live simulations to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol! Though the player can try his best to stir back to his home, he’ll eventually hit an opposing car (driven by his father coming home from a late night shift). The trauma of losing his father has prevented Vert from driving for a while.  

However, driving is his primary skill and expertise, so he applies for a work ad to pay for his personal expenses.  Unknown to him, the ad was posted by his teacher who was assembling potential racers. Here’s where the adventure truly starts. His teacher/employer is offering each recruit a customized vehicle with a unique feature; these add-in traits could be the following options: igniting boosters, using chainsaws, releasing a shield barrier, etc. The player can choose one of these special vehicle to participate in a track built literally in another dimension. Basically, they’re being used in a virtual reality test for the vehicle runs. The test track appears to be in the desert plains with little to no vegetation, except for a paved road leading into the mountains.  Of course, the winner will receive a huge salary bonus, so that’s Vert’s incentive to win. Plus, it’s a virtual test, so he’s not technically getting into a real car.  Unfortunately, an unknown stranger interferes with the program, so their peaceful road becomes a nightmare. Distances away, a large tornado appears when the racers go beyond the mountains.

Hopefully, the game developers can pull the vehicle from the side or back, slowing the pace of the vehicle. By being closer to the tornado, the force should feel like it’s hard to maintain the wheel. Plus, the window could show signs of cracking, etc. If folks venture off the paved environment, they better hope their wheels won’t get snagged into a sharp bush that may blow out a tire or more. Additionally random debris may collide into the player’s car, causing exterior damage and reducing the speed. Although some racers survive, Vert Wheeler and his unfriendly comrades are virtually stuck. However, hints are given through the car’s speakers on a specific radio channel. Some recorded messages sound like Vert’s father. Other voice recorded messages might be from his teacher/employer or the unknown stranger. 

Eventually, Vert and his comrades will embark on unique obstacles that may include an intense fog that may deal with “following the leader” gameplay. Basically, the player must follow bleak red taillights (that can be confused with reflector lights, stop signs, etc.), while hitting his breaks to signal for the car behind him to come. Although I have other imaginative ideas, the ending will result with Vert coming to love driving with a passion and “respect”. He drives not only for himself but to improve the world of driving for future generations as well. As such, he created “Hot Wheels” the video game. Intended pun. I know, but it’s still a nice twist for the ending.  

Though, I would request more racing that deal with weather conditions, I would also like to see some tracks that might include reaching far away ledges in midair, etc. However, everyone has his or her ideas about the perfect racing game. What are your thoughts? You like the idea or not? Is there other ways to improve the racing genre?