When a Game becomes a Dark Horse

By Travis Patterson – 13th August 2015
When a Game becomes a Dark Horse

Developers, when they are creating a game, do it from a place of drive and passion. They strive to create something that they are interested in, but also think that fans of a franchise will love too. What happens though, when that drive and passion goes completely unnoticed.

That’s exactly what happened to the makers of Snotling FlingDeveloper Wicked Witch dreamed of taking the physics of an Angry Birds style game, but translate it to the Warhammer universe. Watch this trailer and you’ll get the idea of what they were attempting to achieve.

Snotling Fling completely flew under the radar. It had a dismal marketing campaign, very few professional reviews, and a lot of people just didn’t know how to take it or what to expect from it. I think the biggest problem is simply, no one asked for this game. However, does that make the game bad?

Snotling Fling is a fun, albeit short, time killer that’s been created for Mobile devices. Which a Mobile device is the perfect place for this style of game. Not only does the game take place in the Warhammer universe, but it also uses the music from Warhammer Online.

I think another problem that Wicked Witch faced, was the price of Snotling Fling. It’s priced at $3.99. A lot of people may feel that this is a bad price in the Mobile market. Why isn’t it $2.49, $1.99, or even $0.99. The answer is simple. This game is licensed from Games Workshop. It is their Warhammer IP that is being used. I’m sure some people may feel that the Warhammer license is just given away, it’s actually not. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wait for a sale and buy it at that time. Recently this game was part of the Games Workshop Mobile Humble Bundle sale.

Some people feel that Snotling Fling is a failure. I don’t think it’s a failure; I think it’s a Dark Horse in gaming. The game has potential, and can be enjoyed, it just has to connect with the player base. At the very least, put it on your gaming wishlist, and purchase it during a sale.