Thank You Mr Iwata, Forever A Legend Who Knew How To Have Fun.

By Artur Araújo – 16th July 2015
Thank You Mr Iwata, Forever A Legend Who Knew How To Have Fun.

This is a sad moment for the Gaming Community.

I’ve been away from general communications – Twitter – for the last 36 hours due to some personal issues, so imagine the shock when I got home earlier today, only to discover that one of the best Man that has ever touched the surface of this planet – Mr Satoru Iwata – had died as a victim to a tumor.

In case you don’t yet know, Satoru Iwata – prior CEO of Nintendo – died on July 11 due to a tumor in the bile duct that Nintendo announced he had last year in order to justify his absence in E3.

Many people had recently been seeing him as someone who changed Nintendo’s course into a company that was primarily based in  third-party games, and weren’t particularly fans of the way he commutated the course of the biggest Japanese games company, but I and many others saw him as someone who remodeled what the world knew as The Gaming Industry, he was someone, that unlike other big companies, wasn’t there for the money.

When the Wii U launched and was considered a fiscal failure, he was the guy who cut his own paycheck so that no one else had to suffer, he was the guy who committed weeks of his life to help the team that was developing Melee to assure that the gameplay was better than ever, he was the guy who redid the entire code for Mother 3 by himself, but most importantly, he was the heart and spirit of the company that – regardless your console preferences . everyone still loves, even if just for nostalgia.

But Iwata won’t simply be remembered as someone who invested his life working to improve Nintendo, no, he’ll mostly be in our hearts as the guy who was in every announcement trailer doing funny things like fighting  some random man in a Smash Bros. advertisement, or even more recently, disguising himself as a creepy muppet to announce a bunch of new titles coming to the Wii U. He truly knew how to have fun and make things a lot shinier and fun, which has always been his objective as a Nintendo developer.

Iwata was a visionary, and as an unbeliever to every spiritual and even religious beliefs, I say goodbye and wish him to not only rest in peace, but also have fun, in whatever place he is now. Iwata wasn’t someone who made a slight impact on the Gaming history, he is someone who wrote an entire chapter.