The second Chapter of Dragon Blaze will ignite your mobile devices

By John Perry – 17th July 2015
The second Chapter of Dragon Blaze will ignite your mobile devices

Dragon Blaze chapter 2 is arriving on July 21’st with all new characters and upgrades

Dragon Blaze the famous Korean MMORPG will release it new chapter this july, an exclusive of Doidgamer. Gamevile is now accepting pre-registration for the 2nd chapter of Dragon blaze, and it is also said that they are giving SS premium ally card once chapter 2 launches.

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Since the launch of Dragon Blaze on western shore it has grown its popularity on online and RPG gamers alike, what makes it unique from other games on this genre is its deep well written storyline and fast phase pretty much chaotic, but fun combat system, it also feature a realtime boss raid system. Now since its success worldwide Gamevile will now release the second chapter with cool new characters that players will surely want to bring to their party.

Dragon blaze chapter 2 of course will also have additional feature, and those are:

  • Forgotten Core Map: Take on new challenges in 5 regions with 45 never-before-seen stages.
  • Increased Ally Slots and Character Level: Increase your potential with 70 maximum ally slots (up from 60), and a maximum level of 60 (up from 55).
  • Phoenix of the Flames Raid Boss: Attempt to defeat the newest raid boss, a fearsome flame-enveloped phoenix.
  • Elite Allies: Add members of the Quinque Draco, the strongest allies in the game, to your team:
      1) Draco Deathcrown: The leader of the Quinque Draco, born to become the king of the living and the dead. Reduces the enemy’s ATK when using a normal attack.
      2) Draco Bloodwind: A beloved High Elf who wields the magnificent Starfury. Unleashes an explosive attack when using a normal attack.
      3) Draco Blackaria: Her instrument can play the melody of life and death, while her pet tiger fights to protect her. Recovers the HP of allies when using a normal attack.
      4) Draco Brightspark: Armed with Yggdrasil’s Soul. Inflicts damage over the area and casts the Emblem of Demise for her normal attack.
      5) Draco Greysoul: Wielding the Soul Sword, he can cut through even the souls of the living. Removes 1 positive buff from the enemy when using a normal attack.
  • Deify System: Upgrade and transform an ally into a member of the Quinque Draco through a new enhancement feature.

With the success of Dragon Blaze this new addition will surely make players busy leveling up their characters, just to be the best of the best. Dragon Blaze 2 will launch this July 21, so better be prepared when it does or it might break your mobile device one it launches lol. So for now we wait for a couple more days. For more news regarding Dragon Blaze 2 just always remember to stay tuned here on Gamerheadlines and we’ll give you the news fresh after we get our fingers on it.