How To Make Money From Android Games

By GeuLueth – 30th July 2015
How To Make Money From Android Games

Making games is fun adventurous and a gives you a chance to make your favorite game exactly how you want it.Setting up a studio,acquiring licenses and purchasing debug consoles can be expensive so developing games for platforms like android can be a cheaper alternative because chances are you already got what you need,an android smartphone,a computer(doesn’t need to be an expensive one)and a passion for video games.

Making game is the fun and easy part,but earning money from it can be tricky.Below, i will go through how to make money from android games.

1;Always provide free trial version for your game

This is the step where most developers go wrong,if you have a paid version of your game,provide a free trial version with a few levels for players to access your game.Most developers will actually intergrate ads in this trial version and this isnt always a good idea as a badly placed or timed ad can ruin the experience and the player will assume that the paid version is also similar,this can result in a significant purchases being lost.

2;Ensure you reply to player feedbacks

Developers that usually reply to player feedbacks and suggestions usually have higher rating as the players can feel they are being taken seriously,this can result in a player elevating their previously low rating because of a simple “thank you”from the developer.

3;Make use of social media

majority of popular social media site provide well documented API for developers to integrate into their games ,this allows you to provide virtual currency for people who like your Facebook page or offer the opportunity to tweet their higher score ,this puts your game in the spotlight for a high number of potential players to play,all that publicity is free and is multiplied by the number of people who download the game.

4;Build up a high player base and start negotiating advertisement rates with sponsors

This works extremely well if your game is a casual free to play game integrated with an ad network like Admob that provides house ad capabilities.this allows you to negotiate advertisement rates with companies,this will yield higher returns than default the CPM(clicks per milli) method.Getting potential sponsors is easy if your game has acquired a high enough notoriety from a high player base.

5;If you opted for a free game,search a reliable Ad network

when vetting for an Ad network,make sure that you look for the ones with a high fill rate instead of the ones with a higher CPM.naturally,Ad networks don’t usually have infinite advertisements to show,the percentage of the fill rate shows their capability to fill the ad spaces available,the higher the better.

6;support as many appstores as you can

Putting your game in front of as many developers is your best bet,the top games on the android market are available in more than one appstore.The appstores you should target in the order of priority is Playstore(this is the largest,comes intergrated in all android devices and most people are familiar with how to use it)Getjar,OperaStore and Amazon Appstore.

  There you have it,Six sure ways to earn a supplementary income from developing android games.