Creators of Castlevania Are Teasing A New Game

By Triston Whitescarver – 28th July 2015
Creators of Castlevania Are Teasing A New Game

Developers of Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows  and it’s sequel, MercurySteam , decided to tease there next game. The tease can be found on their newly updated website

The website publicized a man smoking a cigar in a pilot seat for a unknow type of machine or vehicle. The setting of the game, or the picture at least, gives off a sci-fi feel. A hidden message is in on the website that reads:

 “STATUS: Exploring new worlds, fighting strange creatures, discovering new heroes. Expect news soon.”

While details on the game is thin for the website is the only piece of information. Make sure to check out there popular Castlevania games. The latest being  Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows 2, which was released in February of 2014.

Make sure to keep a eye on the Headlines and Come back soon for the latest and greatest new source out there.

  • Limit Break

    I seriously though that both Lords of Shadow games were pretty neat :)

    • Mr0303

      I really enjoyed the first one. The second one had some weird decisions like the stealth sections and the modern setting. If you liked that world and story I can recommend Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. It is similar to the older 2D Castlevania games and expands the mythology.

      • Limit Break

        Played that too.