Nintendo To Increase Amiibo Figures Production

By Kieran Wade – 18th June 2015
Nintendo To Increase Amiibo Figures Production

Due to high demand, Nintendo have decided to increase the production rate of their increasingly popular amiibo figures to either double or triple times as much. This should come as no surprise due to their sheer demand since launching last November, alongside Super Smash for Wii U, appropriately enough. Nintendo have experienced shortages in production, deeming some figures very hard to acquire – however, the increased production rate should ease your 100% collection chances much more.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has saidWe’re at a point where we have to take our volume estimates and double them or triple them based on the levels of demand we’re seeing,” –  “We’re working very hard to meet that demand.

Let’s hope Nintendo pull through on this as their amiibo figures are evidently very desirable items to own.

Amiibo figures can be used across a range of games in some way or another, for example – within Mario Kart 8, you can dress your Mii avatar up in a range of Nintendo outfits, depending on which figure you decide to use. Got a Falcoln amiibo? Then you can go ahead and wear his attire if you wish. The figures are also a fantastic collection for any gamer, making for attractive mantelpiece decorations.