Hyrule Warriors Legends Importing and Ganondorf Amiibo

By Laguna Levine – 22nd June 2015
Hyrule Warriors Legends Importing and Ganondorf Amiibo

Those who have recently played Hyrule Warriors on their Wii U might have noticed that, in addition to a free “classic tunic” skin (think Link to the Past Link), the game has some information that ties into the upcoming 3DS Hyrule Warriors Legends game.

hyrule warriors legends

This is kind of a big deal, not just because it adds Tetra and the King of Hyrule, but because producer Yosuke Hayashi teased in an interview with Famitsu (translated into English via Nintendo Everything) that there may be additional characters coming as well. One wonders if this means the 3DS game will allow data transfer as well, so we can take our Wii U progress on the go. We’ve contacted Nintendo with our questions and will update this post should we learn anything new.

For those hoping the new Ganondorf amiibo will release something cool, I have bad news. Much like Zelda and Sheik before him, Ganondorf’s amiibo simple has a unique voice effect when using his amiibo, laughing at you while giving you a weapon for him that you surly don’t need at this point in the game’s life.

  • smashbrolink

    That I surely don’t need?
    Speak for yourself: without the Rupee glitch, it’s taking forever to get Ganondorf up to higher levels, and I still need to build his own ultimate weapon.
    Any weapon, be it for skills or resell value, is a valuable commodity for me at this point.XD