Guerrilla Games: “Killzone is waiting”

By Sven Boonen – 20th June 2015
Guerrilla Games: “Killzone is waiting”

At the passed E3 event, Killzone developer Guerrilla Games announced their newest IP, namely Horizon: Zero Dawn, a PlayStation 4 exclusive action-adventure title that takes place in an interesting post-apocalyptic Earth where scattered tribes must survive against the bloodthirsty mechanical dinosaurs that roam the land. Damn you, John Hammond! 

When the developer was asked about the future of its trademark Killzone series through a Twitch broadcast, they briefly stated that “Killzone is waiting” and that the series is all but forgotten.

It appears that the studio is currently pouring all of its resources into Horizon: Zero Dawn, with Guerrilla’s Cambridge team mainly concentrating on Rigs.

If you’re dying to scratch that Killzone itch on your next-gen console, however, you can still pick up the PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall that was unfortunately met with mixed reviews from critics and players alike.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is expected to come out somewhere in 2016 on the PlayStation 4, so don’t expect a new Killzone game any time too soon. For the latest updates on your favorite gaming franchises, simply stay tuned to Gamer Headlines.

(Source: The Games Cabin)

  • verytirednerd

    I’m happy to take a break from Killzone.

  • Elenora Tazia

    Love the Killzone franchise. Expect to see leak screenshot sometime next year perhaps!