[UPDATE] E3 2015: Star Fox Zero Revealed and Detailed

By Chris Cortes – 16th June 2015
[UPDATE] E3 2015: Star Fox Zero Revealed and Detailed

UPDATE: Nintendo has confirmed that Platinum Games will be helping in the development of Star Fox Zero.

During Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event, Star Fox Zero was fully revealed and detailed in the opening moments of the showcase.

Star Fox Zero, confirmed to be neither a sequel or a remake, is the newest entry in the Star Fox series that has players take control of a new Arwing fighter that can transform into varies machines. The machines showcased were the traditional Arwing ship, the Landmaster tank, a new helicopter craft, and more.

The title was confirmed for release this holiday season on Wii U.

The title was also confirmed to support all-range mode and other Star Fox “ideas from the past”, and will also have a heavy emphasis on the Wii U gamepad for controls. Players will have to divide their attention between the TV screen and the Wii U gamepad’s screen while playing Star Fox Zero.

Star Fox Zero will be released exclusively on Wii U this holiday season.

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  • AeroBlastX

    Hmm it looks like they took some elements like the transforming Arwing and possibly even some of mission structure(not sure on this)from the unreleased starfox game starfox2 on the SNES which is pretty cool i did play a rom of Starfox2(for those who dont know Starfox2 was completed but never released because of how close the n64 was going to come out and nintendo did not want us to think there was any life in the SNES but an unhappy programmer dumped the rom online) Anyways if its anything like starfox 2 this game will be awesome

  • Mr.Bugbee

    I swear to god nintendo if there isnt a pro controller option for controls im going to be very very upset.