Windward Out Today on Steam – Launch Trailer Released

By Zak Murkin – 12th May 2015
Windward Out Today on Steam – Launch Trailer Released

Windward, a naval combat adventure sandbox game has released on Steam today, alongside a launch trailer. The game is available on the Steam store for £10.99 (or your regional equivalent).

Windward is designed to be a co-op experience, but you can play solo too. The game starts off by creating a procedural world in which you can fight pirates, trade with people, do quests and explore. The experience is different every time thanks to the random world generation.

You can check out the official launch trailer below.

“Windward is an indie naval combat/adventure/sandbox game currently available on Steam”

Windward originally released via the Steam early access program, but today the game has fully released as a finished game.

For more information on Windward you can check out its Steam page.

What do you think of Windward? Will you be purchasing it? Let us know in the comments!