What We Think of the Jotun Alpha

By Sven Boonen – 11th May 2015
What We Think of the Jotun Alpha

Thin Ice.

In collaboration with our very own reviews editor Maxime Chiasson and video game developer Thunder Lotus Games, Gamer Headlines proudly presents an exclusive look at the upcoming action-exploration title Jotun.

Jotun features a harsh and unforgiving world that is incredibly beautiful to behold and listen to thanks to its charming hand-drawn visuals and magnificent ambient soundtrack. Despite all this, exploring its vast environments wasn’t as exhilarating as we had hoped. There is little to do between Jotun battles besides actually exploring the gorgeous vistas presented to you. Environmental hazards like damaging blizzards and a mysteriously immense deep-sea monster will keep you on your toes for the first couple of minutes as you stumble across the pearly white snow carpets in search of the Runes that build up to the Winter Jotun, yet these fail to keep lengthy exploration sections interesting for long.

Something that does make overall exploration worthwhile, however, is the decent variety of hidden power-ups that are scattered throughout the snowy mountains. These will temporarily grant you a damage boost or increase your movement speed, giving Thora a much-needed edge when taking down the massive creatures she comes to face on her journey through the Valhalla.



When I finally managed to summon the Winter Jotun after a small half hour of searching for Runes, Jotun finally presented its first – and in this Alpha version, its only – thrilling Jotun battle. The creature you go up against is truly immense, being around fifty times taller than Thora herself. Despite there only being two different types of attacks and a handy dodge input, Jotun‘s combat may be very simplistic and direct, but the level of depth you are given is equivalent to that of titles like Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Combat is equal parts strategic striking and well-timed dodging, making this Jotun battle feel like a carefully coordinated dance with frightening monsters rather than some brainless button mashing. 

The fight with the Winter Jotun truly was the highlight of my experience with Thunder Lotus Games’ Jotun Alpha. While exploration sections could have used some smaller enemy types to fill up the gaps between battles or overall more threatening environmental hazards, Jotun feels like two very different games at once. One second you’re peacefully enjoying its hand-drawn beauty, yet the next, you could be firmly planting your battle axe in the skull of a tall Jotun. In the end, it all comes down to this: the battles with the titular Jotuns have the potential to make the experience… or to break it.

We would like to thank Thunder Lotus Games for this wonderful opportunity, and we are most certainly looking forward to more Jotun in the near future. For the hottest video gaming news, keep it locked right here at Gamer Headlines.

Sven Boonen

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  • Mr0303

    Looks interesting. Hopefully the game will receive a console version.

    • Sven Boonen

      It was a blast to play, honestly. Very unique title.