Street Fighter V Release Coming Soon!

By UnashamedVandal – 11th May 2015
Street Fighter V Release Coming Soon!

Many murmurings about the release of Street Fighter V – Capcom’s upcoming addition to their popular franchise – were floating around the internet during March, many discussing the games possible release date. As of Capcom’s latest announcement, we can now tell you that Street Fighter V will be available within the next year…quite a broad time period but it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

Along with their latest earnings report, Capcom has revealed, that the much-anticipated Street Fighter 5 – which is set to be exclusive to PS4 and PC – will be released within the current financial year, meaning the latest release date we can expect is March 31st 2016.

According to Capcom’s earnings report, the company have high hopes for the upcoming title, with the expectation of 2 million copies sold by the end of the financial year, which indicates either an early release date than expected or an incredibly successful launch in late March.

If you want to be a part of the games public beta, Capcom has confirmed that pre-ordering the game will guarantee you access to this, however there are no specific dates as to when this will be available, although it is likely to be within 2015.

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