Square Enix shifting focus to mobile gaming

By John Perry – 13th May 2015
Square Enix shifting focus to mobile gaming

Square Enix to shift focus from Console to Mobile

Square Enix Announced that there’s a 49% increase on profit for this fiscal year ending March 31, 2015 than from the previous fiscal year, an exclusive from Pocket Gamer.

Square Enix said that even though they have released fewer Full-length Console games from the previous year, Games for smartphones and MMO’s have made far more favorable progress for their company, Smartphone games such as Sengoku Ixa, Dragon Quest Monster Super Light, School Girl Strikers, Final Fantasy Record keeper and Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur. And for MMO’s Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon quest X.

Square Enix also Said that console game markets in North America and Europe are Increasingly competitive and oligopolistic, While there is an increase in mobile and Tablet PC. So it’s a far better move to focus on mobile games.

Square Enix Company

Square Enix

With this news we are hoping to see remastered version of previous Final fantasy titles to be released on Mobile, Or better yet lets hope to see the kingdom hearts series on mobile.

And of course players will be expecting to play new Square enix quality RPG’s. But Could this mean that we will expect less Square Enix titles on consoles, or will they could stop making console games totally. Lets hope that this will not be a bad news for console gamers that are expecting more titles from the company.

But just in case a new headline regarding this issue pops up, you will be sure that gamerheadlines will be on top it, so better stay tuned always.

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    Konami to.
    Maybe the console market would be a lot better if they made better games more frequently. At the very least they can put more focus into handheld gaming with nintendo. Micro transactions blow and that’s where mobile gaming is headed.

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    ….and then?…No And Then!…