New Nintendo Membership Service to Use Common User IDs Across All Platforms

By Sam Wagner – 8th May 2015
New Nintendo Membership Service to Use Common User IDs Across All Platforms

“While we will announce the details of this integrated membership service at a later date, I can share with you at a high level the idea is that the consumer can access multiple devices using one common ID.” -Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo

In its year-end financial results briefing Nintendo revealed new details about the successor to Club Nintendo. Back when the company’s partnership with Japanese mobile developer DeNA was announced we were promised a new membership service that would allow for a seamless user experience across all platforms.  We now know that Nintendo plans to achieve such an experience via common user IDs, something long asked for by fans. 

Interestingly, while President Iwata was unable to divulge many details about the new service, he did hint at some of the specific benefits common user IDs could bring:

“With this new service, our members will be able to visit Nintendo’s website and log in with one ID, and they will receive various services including the ones based on their past purchases and gameplay records as well as services that will be an improved version of the current loyalty program.”

What types of services could users receive based on their past purchases? While Nintendo has warmed up to the idea of cross-buy capabilities for Wii U and 3DS titles, its membership program has never allowed for digital purchases made on an older console’s digital marketplace to “count” on that of a newer console (e.g. one could own Super Mario 64 on Wii U because he or she purchased it on the Wii). Could Iwata’s comments be hinting at a service in which ownership of a game includes the rights to play it on all future platforms on which it will be offered?

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