Mad Max Meets Mario!

By UnashamedVandal – 24th May 2015
Mad Max Meets Mario!

It’s often the small things in life that we enjoy the most and this video is a prime example of that. The recently released Mad Max movie has seen some early success in theatres nationwide but has recently received a small facelift after aspiring film maker Kris Sundberg, got hold of the movies original trailer and put a Mario themed spin on it.

By adding in some minor special effects and appropriately timed Mario related sounds, Sundberg has taken the world of Mario Kart into a very dark place.

Before the success of the above video, Sundberg’s YouTube Channel had only a few thousand views, now he boast one of the fastest growing videos online with a whopping 1.4 millions views in just two days.

I guess this is what happens when you mix creativity with popular franchises.

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